Monday, September 05, 2005

Absent from the media

Modern media is obsessed with polls. They have polls for everything and they are usually done instantly after an event.

They are also almost always biased in wording so that the media outlet can get the answer that they are looking for rather than really put their finger on the pulse of America.

The other bias is simply a lack of a poll for something. Other than outlets like WND showing this we are not seeing who is happy about the hurricane in the south. I would love to see a poll from our "friends" in France (or any country) asking "Who thinks that America got what she deserved?" I think that the results might show us that the French (or any country) aren't our friends after all. Are the Palestinians that the liberals love so much dancing in the streets like they did after 9/11? How about a poll in Palestine?

The other poll that is obviously missing is the illegal alien poll. Try as they might the media is being forced to cover stories about the publics anger over the illegal alien issue, but no polls asking exactly what percentage of the population wants our borders closed and every last illegal deported. Again, the media wouldn't like the answer.


Al said...

Ah hah! Just saw a news video of a Mexican as he was butt-kicked removed from a N.O. retailer he was looting.

How diverse.

Anonymous said...

I hate...LETS MAKE THAT CLEAR, I hate a hyphen anything for a start, AFRICAN-AMERICAN, NATIVE-AMERICAN...ALL AMERICAN I can live with.
You know what the diversity deal here has already brought to this city, for the people that really care about community..SHAME is what I feel.

Celebrate the fact that the former mayor had a convicted terror cell member who's training was moving him to kill kids in a school or a church..OH YEAH, that is reason to celebrate all right.

If Moscow on the river was really in gear, then the idea that the state or county, or city should provide total an complete coverage for everything and all in it would make this debate that it's all Bush's fault MUTE, at least not yet, its not a COMMUNIST STATE OR COUNTRY.

National Public radio is on here, and the hotwords so far are "victim," Bush is at fault..etc. etc.

Do you really think GWB is gleeful at the deaths of anyone there? If you do, GOD HELP US, because that quote from a post just showed up on AOL.

The fact is that it was a larger mess then 911 in terms of response to what was needed, If there is any truth to what BS is thrown at GWB, then you would not see a response.

So it shows why Mike Savage's book is on the best seller list... Being a libber is a mental disease.

And before you call me a Bush KOOL-AID guy, I want the damn borders closed, he isn't doing it.

So lets pray that diversity on the up coming anniversary of 911, doesn't kill more then the damn hurricane has done. If I were OBL, I'd nail us good right now, because it would start with words first, then bullets over who's fault it was...we are that stupid right now.

What we all better do is take a good look at a mirror.

Anonymous said...

I seen that picture also... I also heard that Bush has spoken to Fox of Mexico, and he asked Bush not to deport any of his citizens if we find them in N.O. He also wants us to provide them with all the free services we've have to offer. I can understand emergency services, but than deport their butts back to Mexico. Has anyone else heard about this? It's a crazy world.

Anonymous said...

Never mind my previous post about Mexico... I just read the next article and Daniel has covered it quite well.