Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sometimes the best defense is... no defense at all?

Turn-In event offers safe way to dispose of unwanted guns
Local residents have a chance to make their homes a little safer for themselves and their children next month. The opportunity is the Gun Turn-In Day, set for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 8 at Jason Lee United Methodist Church, and sponsored by Salem Police and the non-profit organization, Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation.

A "little safer?" By disarming? Who does this make the homes safer for? Rapists? Meth addicts on a binge who are looking to steal something but may kill you if you get in there way? If you want to have your home be "safer" then have your family take some firearms safety courses, talk with your children about guns and their appropriate uses, set boundaries and rules.

However, it’s important to note that the largest portion of the gun death toll in America is not crime-related. Federal statistics indicate that more gun deaths can be attributed to suicide than homicide.

Coming from the state that wants the government to help you commit suicide I'm not convinced that there is a problem here. As a state we have said that suicided is perfectly acceptable. (I actually disagree) But the hypocrisy is very clear.

The folks at "Cease protecting your family" err, "Ceasefire" would gladly take someones gun then drive them to the hospital so they could enjoy "assisted" suicide.

I don't oppose VOLUNTARY gun turn-ins because hey, if a citizen wants to get rid of their property they have every right to do so and you can't just dump a gun in the trash can. What gets me is the language used to promote these events.

Liberals say conservatives are "fear mongering" to take away [unspecified] civil liberties but then turn around and try to scare people into giving up a right that actually IS in the constition.

Good gun links if you are interested in protecting your family:


Diesel said...

Total agreement. I don't own a handgun, just a rifle. But I'll tell you, after reading this story I ouldn't mind having one. If someone was breaking down my door late at night, you betcha I'd shoot first and ask questions later!

Robin said...

I don't have a gun... yet, but when the police can GUARANTEE me that I can be safe in my home and on the street then maybe... just maybe I MIGHT consider surrendering my gun.

But the police have already proven that they can do no more than respond to calls that are already in progress. They do not have the resources to take care of the problems that we have already to protect their citizenship.

Also, and this is just a theory of mine, I believe that one of the reasons why we are still a FREE country, is because nobody really knows how many people own weapons and where they are.

I agree that I'd am not opposed to VOLUNTARILY surrendering the weapon if you want a means of disposing of it.

Tim said...

Sure, turn in your guns but please accept the sticker found at the following website as our gift you you (and any criminals) Display it proudly on your front door.

Gunslinger said...

I know that the Trailbalzers are donating gift certificates for people who turn in guns. Fred Meyer is also giving gift certificates. I think I will stop shopping there.

Why cant a person stand out there and attempt to buy the guns from people as the approach the turn in? Why melt down unwanted guns? I want them.

Bob said...

I know a guy who accidentally chain-fired his blackpowder .45 pistol.

He turned it in at one of those things and at least got something out of it.

Tim Lewis said...

Seriously...I don't own a gun. I'll take one.

Daniel said...

In order,

Don, a shotgun is probably the best home defense gun you can have. It's "point and shoot" accuracy is great for those "late night visitors" and it's range is less than that of a rifle so it's safer for your neighbors. There is also the indimidation factor of the CLICK CLACK sound of a shell being chambered, you may not even have to shoot.

Robin, you said it. The police provide for the protection of the general public, not you or me in paticular. This means they are responsive to crimes committed and lock of offenders (with the exception of multnomah county) to prevent future crimes. Unless you are armed and prepared to defend yourself a person who intends to kill you will not be stopped by police.

Tim, that's a great sticker... for victims!

Gunslinger, I know of no law that would prevent you from completing a private transaction in the parking lot of a gun turn-in.

Bob, that's why I don't oppose VOLUNTARY turn-ins in principle. It's the private owners property.

Tim, check out

Tony said...

Only with your magic Left Wing De-Logicator can you understand why it is bad that more people kill themselves than other people.

Tim said...

Well, I'm not surprised this "Event" is being held a a United Methodist Church. From my observations, the UMC is a very Left leaning, organization.

Bob said...

"Bob, that's why I don't oppose VOLUNTARY turn-ins in principle. It's the private owners property"

Me neither. I've got an old Marlin model 60 thats turned into a smoothbore. It chomps shells occasionally too. I might just turn it in.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised its not being held at a matricular circle jerk of criminals conference.

Gullyborg said...

I am ready and willing to receive ANY firearm that well-meaning Oregonians would like to turn in.

Please contact me using the address at my blog.