Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Washington County Republicans

Tonight I went to a meeting of the Washington County Republicans. It was a small group, just nine of us, but it was nice to meet fellow local blogger Nick aka The Cheezer.

Tom Cox had invited all three Republican gubernatorial candidates to come themselves or send a representative but only Jason Atkinson had someone present. Perhaps Mannix was busy taking GOP money to pay off personal debt and maybe Saxton had a pro-abortion rally to attend to, I'm not sure.

Skipping over the meeting, which was interesting, I had a brief talk with Tim, who works on Jason Atkinson's campaign. Once again, I liked what I heard. Tim is a very likable guy who has known Jason for a long time and had some good points.

The most important one that I need to point out is the money issue. The Atkinson campaign expects to be outspent in this race and EVERYTHING costs money. Every sign, every mailer, every ad.

I would strongly encourage anyone who feels led to do so to make a contribution to Oregon's future by helping to elect the candidate who is going to make a difference.

I would consider it an investment. If you only give $25 and during Atkinson's term we stop building choo-choo trains and start building roads instead, then you will save more than $25 in gas because of less traffic congestion.

But money was not what we really talked about. Jason is a grassroots guy and is depending on you and me to help him win. This means that it's never too early to plant the "Atkinson seed" in the mind's of the people that you know. Name recognition is a huge factor so make sure that people you know are informed about who you are supporting and why.


Anonymous said...

Is it true GOP Goddess Tom DeLay is running again... for HEAD INMATE at Texas State Prison?

Do tell, Danny girl!

Gullyborg said...

No, but it IS true that the indictment fails to allege that any actual crime took place. It is also true that this is the same prosecutor who had has indictment against Kay Bailey Hutchinson thrown out of court for failure to provide evidence of any actual crime. It is also true that this is the prosecutor for the same district that is home to Bill Burkett, who gave forged documents to Dan Rather. And it is also true that this prosecutor is a friend of Dan Rather's daughter, who lives in his town.

Chris McMullen said...

Hey Anonymous, not man enough to post your name, huh?

Daniel said...

Do you have some gender issues anonymous? Tom is clearly a boy as am I. Is there something that you would like to talk about? This is a safe environment. You can share things. I wouldn't ridicule you if you told me that even though you are "technically" a boy you still think that you are a girl. Really...

Ditto to Gullyborgs post.

Tony said...

Thank you, Anon, for leaving a typical liberal response...unintelligible, off message, but plenty of fact-ignoring hate to justify your mindless, emotional blathering. One more for the textbooks.

Islamofascists are bent on smuggling nukes into this country and blowing your enlightened ass off the planet in a radioactive fireball, which of course the Chinese and North Koreans can do because Clinton sold them the technology for campaign cash, but of course demoncrats losing the state assembly in Texas is a much better example of the high crimes and misdemeanors we can count on liberals to protect us from.

Hopefully, people like you will get back into power so we can all feel safe again when the terror alert level goes to "White" (surrender).