Friday, September 30, 2005

They said it wouldn't happen

Dutch 'marriage':1 man, 2 women
The Netherlands has legalized polygamy in all but name, granting a civil union to a man and two women.

De Bruijn explained: "A marriage between three persons is not possible in the Netherlands, but a civil union is. We went to the notary in our marriage costume and exchanged rings. We consider this to be just an ordinary marriage."

The Netherlands was the first country in the world to recognize same-sex partnerships. In 1998, registered partnerships, or civil unions, were introduced into law.

........ That silence you hear? That's the radical homosexual groups not condemning this. They said it wouldn't happen. They said it would stop if they "only" had gay marriage. Suprise, they lied.

We all draw the line somewhere. Many gays would not allow brother and sister to marry. Is that because of "hatred" or "discrimination?" No. Neither is drawing the line at traditional marriage. It is the fabric that holds our society together and we can't allow it to be redefined.

As for civil unions, calling an elephant a mouse doesn't make it any less of an elephant. As a civil contract, these unions could open up the door to untold consequences just like the story above.


Anonymous said...

Yes Gay marriage and then Polygamy and then brother & sister and then Animals. These wacko's can rationalize anything. My Brother died from AIDS! At 26. NOT from a Car wreck, not from Cancer. Because he had GAY SEX. Understand?

Daniel said...

There is a reason that HIV is an issue propelled by the homosexual movement.

Ric said...

For those who don't believe "IT" could happen here, please keep an eye on European developments.

While not universally coming to America, many will.

The same place they are now authorizing plural marriage, came up on a survey of places which most dislike/ disapprove of Muslims.

What would make an open, tolerant society rise to the top of such a list? Muslims tend to be socially conservative.

The other news from there is a prediction that in 20 years, more people will cohabitate than will be married.

I, for one, believe marriage is one of those 'canary' indicators about the health of a society.

Europe - NY City/LA - Oregon ....