Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Get the word to Wyden

Call 1-888-99 NOTAX and tell your Senator to repeal the Death Tax today!

Our own Senator Wyden may be a swing vote in the death tax repeal.

http://www.nodeathtax.org/ is asking Oregon voters to contact Senator Wyden and tell him to vote to repeal the death tax!


activist kaza said...

You mean the "Paris Hilton tax loophole" legislation?

Still, it's nice that "big tent" Republicans want to include everyone in their "compassionate conservatism" (altho the last couple billionaires I've met really didn't need any more help from the government)

Daniel said...

Oooh, your talking point refuted every argument against this form of taxation.

If you want to associate Republicans with Paris then how about we ask her who she would have voted for in the last election? (I'm sure that due to apathy and ingnorance she didn't vote)

But I'm guessing she would have voted for your guy!

activist kaza said...

Why do you assume that? Britney Spears luvved the Prez, remember?