Monday, September 12, 2005

No wonder they hate the free market

Radio station can't sell any ad for Air America
A California radio station is pleading for advertisers to sponsor the liberal programming of the Air America shows it broadcasts, while noting the conservative Rush Limbaugh show is virtually sold out on its sister station.

"For liberal programming to continue ... you need to support it," said an ad by KOMY station owner Michael Zwerling, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

In the spirit of helping I think that we should make suggestions for products and services that would cater to the demographic that listens (all three of those people) to Air America.

Things they could advertise for:

#1 A new bong

#2 "Art" supplies, such as rusty metal that they can "sculpt" into junk that cities will pay to put on the sidewalk

#3 A solar powered car

#4 Eye wash, for those times when the riot police decide that tear gas is the only way to respond to your protests

#5 A box of "missing" ballots to be found at later elections

#6 "I'm a victim" T-shirts

#7 One of those fancy "protest stands" to be set up downtown

#8 A book that tells all the uses of the phrase "military/industrial complex"

#9 A burqua, for when they allow the terrorists to win

#10 Someone else's money to spend on what they think is best


Allen said...

Great prospect list.

Should we include Wyden's Crying Towel Laundry and the Kennedy Diving School?

Daniel said...

Or we could all pitch in a buy a better alibi for Kennedy... one that makes it look like he didn't kill Mary.

Allen said...


Here I thought she just MovedOn!

Gullyborg said...

wow... that is Carnival of Humor material!

Sailor Republica said...

Allen's humor has convinced me. He just HAS to be on my blogroll.