Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How white liberals of the baby boomer generation make themselves feel good

Eleventh Annual Oregon Diversity Institute
Examples of workshops topics might include:

-promoting social justice and diversity in the workplace
-diversity training / cultural competency
-environmental justice / diversity
-economic justice / class diversity
-social justice education: Addressing the isms

That's right, they are even going to address the dreaded "isms." I just want to tell these people that they don't need to do this out of liberal guilt. Unless of course they oppose the removal of regimes where they employ rape rooms. There should probably be some liberal guilt over that...

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Allen said...

The Taliban is working to divide the people of Iraq and the Arab world with using Radical Islam, where the US is working to unite those populations with democratic forms of government.

While in the US we have Liberals working to divide our population with their Radical Diversity programs where unequal and different are emphasized and promoted.

I see the only difference is we know the names of the Radical Islamic leaders, whereas in the US they remain hidden.