Thursday, September 08, 2005

Atkinson for Governor

Everyone should go to Gullyborg's website and read about his meeting with Oregon's next governor, Jason Atkinson. It sounds very encouraging.


CaptThreadster said...


My Name is Capt J.E. Carrales (Civil Air Patrol), I found your blog via Lars Larson's page.

I'm not a spammer, so I will refrain from posting my link.

Hope you don't mind me "popping in and out" to see what's up here.


Capt Carrales

Daniel said...

You are more than welcome to post here Captain and feel free to post links to your blog, relevant news stories, etc.

Thanks for your service with the Air Patrol.

Anonymous said... writes:
Mr. Peek-

Thank you for all your emails. I do apologize my travels have kept me
spending more time behind the wheel than on my computer. I hoped you
could have made it to the first ever blogger meeting last week. I
spoke about you and your issue. Bottom-line- I agree with you, these
homes should not be placed near schools, period. The best solution
will be a legislative bill banning such placement. Furthermore, I am
working closely with Senator Bruce Starr to toughen punishment for
sexual predators and track, post-prison, these people. I find it
completely wrong we can track where a cow is born, raised, and
processed before market to track mad cow, but we allow sexual predators
to walk past schools. We are hoping to take this issue before voters
and before the legislature next year. Your support would be greatly

Again, my apologies. Our campaign has been buried with email requests
and speaking opportunities and we are working hard gain support.


Jason A. Atkinson

Dear Daniel, Maybe he is the one. JP