Friday, September 16, 2005

Living next to a whorehouse

Tijuana Officials Aim To Improve Prostitutes' Health
TIJUANA, Mexico -- Government officials in Tijuana admit they can't clean out the hookers, so they're trying to clean them up.

Brothel owners will be required to change the sheets and cover furniture in plastic or rubber.

Just like I would not allow children who come from a household that has no boundaries to have unfettered access to my house and to mingle with my children, America shouldn't let Mexico send it's citizens (and their values) to our country unregulated.


MAX Redline said...

Jeeze, Daniel! Isn't this all part of "celebrating diversity"?

I mean, how much more "diverse" can you get?

More to the point: how much more can we take?

Daniel said...

The Mexican culture is full of diversity! Everything from prostitutes to drugs to corrupt law enforcement and public officials.

They usually celebrate this diversity by beating their wives...