Saturday, September 24, 2005

But thank goodness we can't get cold pills

Border officials find 8 kilograms of meth in pickup truck
The 39-year-old man from Mexico hid the methamphetamine, estimated to be worth about $150,000, in a compartment that was created for the pickup truck he was driving, said Brian D. Levin, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection

So far, this fiscal year, CBP officers in Arizona have seized more than 748 kilograms of methamphetamine valued at more than $13 million, the news release stated.

I will be leaving in about 45 minutes to go to Independence to join up with other citizens who are protesting the Mexican Consualte and Oregon state agencies giving aid and comfort and taxpayer services to illegal alien criminals.

If you would like to join us you can see more info at the OFIR website.


Robin said...

yes, thank goodness.

They would not want to squash Kulongoski's plan to keep all those"healthy"illegals from crossing our borders, while we are all home sick from work because of the ever increasing cold and flu epidemic because we cannot get normal over-the-count cold medicines anymore.

I can (cough) rest easier now.

Gunslinger said...

Kill on sight? I am telling you, if we just start shooting these guys, they will stop coming.

I wish I could make it to the protest with you guys today, but I have a prior engagement. Oh yeah, and it is against military law for me to engage in protests. No matter. Give em Hell!

Sue K. said...

Daniel, I know this is a little off topic again, but was wondering if you saw the article in the Albany Democrat Herald yesterday (9-23-05): Linn County releases boys charged in school incident. The four suspect boys are Hispanic (families here legally?) and the alleged victim is Caucasian. Please let us know how the protest went today. Thanks, Sue

Anonymous said...

OREGON AND WASHINGTON Representatives are under the Oregon Constitution requiring them to restrain and regulate immigration only to those who are qualified to become citizens of the United States. This applies to the modern States of Oregon and Washington.

Oregon Territorial Constitution was never rescinded by the territory, but only by the state courts. No territorial court existed to which citizens of the territory could appeal the decision of the state court, and today reads: "White foreigners who are, or who may hereafter become residents of the state shall enjoy the same rights in respect to the possession, enjoyment, and descent of propert as native born citizens. And the legislative assembly shall have power to restrain and regulate immigration to this State of persons not qualified to become citizens of the United States. (Oregon Constitution, page 7, paragraph 31).


"Oregon, My Oregon"
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Music by Henry B. Murtagh

Land of the Empire Builders, Land of the Golden West;
Conquered and held by free men, Fairest and the best.
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Hail to thee, Land of the Heroes, My Oregon.

Land of the rose and sunshine, Land of the summer's breeze;
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Blest by the blood of martyrs, Land of the setting sun;
Hail to thee, Land of Promise, My Oregon.

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