Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday night rant

In what is becoming a loose tradition, it's time for my Thursday night jumble of thoughts.

Let's start with the article Police raid marijuana fields near Vale.

"Authorities arrested five men, with more arrests expected, Bentz said. They were turned over to immigration and customs officials, police said."
Hmmm, what kind of people get turned over to immigration and customs? GASP! Illegal aliens!

"...the estimated value of the seized marijuana is about $6 million."
Vicente Fox is going to miss that money...

The article right under that one was, ironically, GOP chairman woos Latino leaders.

"Mehlman said Latinos are supporting the Republican Party in growing numbers because they share the party's values. He said the Bush administration is pressing forward with policies to increase Latino ownership of homes and small businesses as well as education opportunities for everyone."
Thanks goodness at least the education opportunities are "for everyone." Apparently we have to work on home ownership by race though.

What happened to Republicans being the colorblind party? Why can't we just appeal to conservatives? Why do we need to appeal to Hispanic conservatives, black conservatives, white conservatives, etc? If we all share the same values then the color of our skin is inconsequential.

I came home from work yesterday to find a guy shampooing my carpet. Apparently in an effort to convince people they need $800 vacuums the folks at Kirby decided to do a "free cleaning" promotion.

Anyways, I told the guy he was free to clean as much as he wanted but I wasn't buying his vacuum. He called in "the closer" who hit the same brick wall. (I DON'T HAVE $800 for a vacuum)

He noticed my "For a Goldshmidt free Oregon, VOTE REPUBLICAN" sticker that I have on my wall and he asked if I was a Republican. Then he asked "what are you." (in a reference to my race)

When I replied that I was American he said "but what are you, you know, like I'm black." I told him that I was an American and so is he. He then insisted that he was "African" and "from Africa." I asked if he was born in Africa and he said no and I told him that I simply see both of us as Americans.

Then he told me that his partner, the original salesman, was Russian. I asked that guy if he was a Russian citizen and he said no. I asked if he was an American citizen and he said yes so I told him that makes him an American, not a Russian.

After the continued discussion the guy who self-identifed as "African" said that I was a "thoughful" guy and my "outlook" may in fact be a good one. He followed up with it was "suprising coming from a Republican."

My point? The Republican Party needs to simply stop talking about race other than to say that we are all Americans. (except the illegal aliens)

I think that if we made our point that we are in fact a melting pot and should be identified as simply the wonderful brew we all make together, the American people would respond favorably to that. We could at least attempt to set the agenda in that direction.

Currently the Republican strategy on "race" seems to be the same one that the Democrats have with the notable exception that we don't constantly accuse our political opponents of wanting to "bring back slavery" and "kill black people."

Let's not emulate the liberals "multi-cultural" agenda and instead celebrate American culture.

Next up: A couple wrote a letter to the editor of the SpringfieldNews to cancell their subscription because the paper started carrying a column by Lars Larson. Lars' column is run on Friday's and you might consider contacting this paper and telling them that you appreciate them publishing a column by a true conservative.

Or, if you are a girl trapped inside a man's body you could whine about the "lack of sensitivity to the real sensibilities of Springfield citizens" like the letter writer does... In his defense though, maybe his ovaries were hurting.

OK, I changed my mind, let's follow the liberals idea of multi-culturalism and respecting other countries beliefs. We can start with this one...

If any of you haven't read Dinesh D' Souza's book Letters to a Young Conservative, I would highly suggest it. He makes the suggestion that conservatives should make outrageous statements to put the debate on a more level platform with liberal hysteria. One of my personal favorites it to tell people that "I'm not sure who made the mistake of letting women vote..." or "The one thing I do agree with the terrorists on is women's rights."

You can always tell who the femminists are because they think that your serious and get flustered in the way that only a hysterical woman can. Hahahahahahahaha.

OK, I can't seem to find many websites that don't mention the now infamous "Bush bathroom note." If I was in charge I would have simply stood up and pee'd on the floor of the UN... but that's just me.

Well, time to end this rant. Tommorow is a big day of fulfilling the Republican agenda of making the rich be richer, (at the expense of the poor) bringing back slavery, (at least for the blacks that we don't kill with natural disasters) helping Halliburton destroy the planet, be cruel to animals, bash gays, control the media, (tin foil hat is too tight...) and kill people for oil. Yep, big day...


Allen said...

Those five poor little fellas up here from Mexico working in agriculture and just trying to eek out a meager $6 Million so they can feed their wife and many ninios and now they face fines and citations and worse yet in a day or so when the judge kicks them loose they will need to again create all new identities.

We Gringos just don't understand how much effort goes into getting a new drivers license and that it can cost them up to $500. every time the need one.

The Troescher Team said...

Great rant at the end. I read you regularly and even though I haven't commented, I wanted you to know there are people out there like me reading and nodding and appreciating and forwarding your writing to others so they could do the same.

Daniel said...

Thank you Debra.

And Allen, I know that since many of the illegal aliens are "have-nots" or "underprivelidged" they may not have access to the internet at home but if they want a matricula ID card they could always go to the public library and get one off the net for $69.95!

BONUS they can also look at porn with kids around because librarians say that's in the constitution! Right there between the "right" to abortion and the "right" to sodomy.

Anonymous said...

The weed will truly be missed.

The Troescher Team said...

P.S. My husband says you can add the following to your Republican tasks for the day: forcing women to have babies, lobbying for more tax cuts for the rich and failing to keep the Church and State separate. That IS a busy day....

Daniel said...

Wow, I should do those things! Right after I club some baby seals to death...

Anonymous said...

I have a Seal club you can use, but it needs sharpening.

Anonymous said...


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