Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The typical democrat constituency

I heard a rumor that Democrats are going to call for the sharing of our military secrets with Al-Qaeda. Or as liberals call them: the underprivileged nuclear have-nots.

Liberals insist that we would have achieved equality and the terrorists would already have nukes except for Bush's tax cuts to the rich.

It's hard for liberals to hate terrorists like you and I because terrorists are so similair to Democrats core constituency.

For instance, terrorists and typical democrat voters both:

*Practice poor hygiene

*Hate America

*Are not US citizens

*Want America to lose the war in Iraq

*Hate George Bush even more than they hate America

*Are fanatics who have no concept of reality

*Want to kill Christians

*Call America an "imperialist" country

*Hope that airport security frisks Betty Sue instead of that middle eastern guy between the age of 18 and 30 whose name is Mohammed.

*Think that America has too much power

*Say that Osama Bin Laden "does good things" (thank you Patty Murray)

*Look like they have been homeless for quite some time

*Brag daily about the US body county in Iraq

*Think that everyone is Guantanamo should have an attorney or be released

*Condemn torture... at least by our side


Shelly said... are sad...

Anonymous said...

I bet "shelly" has dreadlocks and reeks of patchouli.

Anonymous said...

....not patchouli, tuna fish...

Daniel said...

Actually, I'm a pretty happy guy shelly.

Bob said...

You should be happy. Dr. Ray plugged you!

Dare!PDX said...

The typical democrat is right about one thing, we are an Imperialist country.

Its not a bad thing, its just a thing.

Its funny how if we let the UN use our troops to be the imperialist its a good thing but if we place our troops for the same kind of mission we are supposedly evil.

moon-doggie said...

Hmm... I have a question... what's this "9-11" thing people are talking about? I don't remember ever seeing it on the television, or reading about it in the newspaper, yet some facist will bring it up everytime I talk about how stupid people are who join the army! And why are those poor men being forced to live in cages in Cuba? What are we doing running around and killing people in some desert some where?
Boy, if we don't straighten this country out we're going to be hated by everybody!
Now, where did I put my bong?