Monday, September 05, 2005

The new amnesty zone

Mexico: U.S. won't prosecute illegal migrants affected by Katrina
The United States has agreed with a request from Mexico to not prosecute undocumented Mexican migrants affected by Hurricane Katrina who recur to U.S. officials for help, President Vicente Fox said Friday.

"In this way, they can receive help from the American authorities, they can approach the authorities to point out what they've lost and, above all, to ask for support."

Fox urges migrants to seek assistance
In a telephone interview, Remedios Gómez Arnau of the Mexican consulate in Atlanta said there are about 30,000 Mexicans in Mississippi and about 70,000 in Alabama. Yet, he was unsure of how many Mexicans were affected because of communication difficulties.

Who has the authority to declare that illegal aliens in this area will not be prosecuted or deported? Who can simply decided that the law does not have to be enforced? Some low levelbureaucratt? Congress? I don't think so. This has got to have the approval of Bush.

I understand that officials may want everyone to feel free to seek help but what if someone has a felony warrant for burglary? You know, burglary, they broke into someone else's property and stole stuff that didn't belong to them. *cough* Do they not have to worry about their warrant? Is their crime simply erased? Or should they still be arrested and prosecuted?

With all the lawlessness we have seen in that area following the storm you would think that the response would be more enforcement todemonstratee a zero tolerance for crime and violations of the law. Instead our government has said that hundreds of thousands of crimes will now go unpunished.

We can help the illegal aliens with their basic survival and medical needs but we should not ignore their crimes against this country.


Gunslinger said...

You mean their crime of coming here illegally?

Yeah, this is crap. I will be lettering all of my representatives from the bottom to the top.

Ironic, they wouldn't need our help had they stayed in the madre land. Katrina didnt hit mexico.

They have a lot of nerve. I swear, we need to reemploy political assassinations.... Fox is an enemy of this nation. Doesn't anyone see that?

MAX Redline said...

hmmm. Unfortunately, Bush "fights" a "War on Terror" while pursuing an open border policy. Fox and his countrymen may be taking advantage of it, but it seems to me that this is only a natural response.

I believe that the real problem lies within our own country, or what is left of it, as our successive administrations look the other way when it comes to illegal aliens.

Daniel said...

but it seems to me that this is only a natural response

That's like saying taking money from an open purse is the "natural response." Let's not make excuses for lawbreakers. (or their corrupt leaders)

Our problem is that America leaves her purse open, Mexico's problem is that they don't mind stealing.

Sue K. said...

OK, so let's not prosecute them but nothing was mentioned about not deporting them. My guess is they have to start over some where. Might as well be in their country.

Sailor Republica said...

Why don't we just annex Mexico and just deport the rest of them to China?