Thursday, September 08, 2005

Random thought for Thursday night

Driving home from work today I witnessed a state worker who was practically asleep while holding the "stop/slow" sign to direct traffic in a construction area. (Rest assured I will drive that way again except with my camera) During the rest of my commute where I was going 20mph in a 45 zone I got to thinking, instead of paying someone $14/hour to sleep while holding a sign why don't we instead pay a homeless guy minimum wage to sleep why holding a sign?

If liberals were really serious about helping the homeless then they would happily sacrifice a few union jobs to give people a hand up. Not likely...

In only four days we begin confirmation hearings for John Roberts. Since even the media is conceding defeat on this one I think that we should start our campaign to let Bush know we need a reliable conservative to fill the other open seat on the court.

FRC has a short and sweet ode to Renquist that is worth reading.

OFF is reporting that gun confiscation has begun:
"NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 8 - Waters were receding across this flood-beaten city today as police officers began confiscating weapons, including legally registered firearms, from civilians in preparation for a mass forced evacuation of the residents still living here."

Real good idea, lawless gangs are raping, killing, and looting so government decides to disarm the law abiding citizens. I'd like to know who made this decision. One more reason to buy and sell privately so that the gun grabbers don't have reliable registration lists.

With regards to racism, which is a charge being thrown around frequently due to the hurricane, I have a question for the media and the democrats: how come you never talk about the Asians?

When you talk about about academic performance it's always "blacks and Hispanics" lag behind whites. Why don't they discuss Asians? Is it just because they are successful or is it because they don't like the reason for their success? The fact that Asians generally have a traditional family (married dad and mom) and emphasize hard work and success shows what works.

This is in contradistinction to "cultures" that emphasize using broken English and dressing like gang members and don't seem concerned with 75% out-of-wedlock birth rates. Wonder why those guys aren't doing so well...

I had quite a few more random rants for tonight but blogger ate my post. *dons tin-foil hat* "Blogger is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy that has been out to get me since... well, since I started have delusions of grandeur." Goodnight.


Ric said...

Are you sure the flagger was a state employee?

At construction sites you have to have them, most are hired as "1099" employees, that is Independent Contractors, thru a flagging scheduling company.

Some projects pay prevailing wage. Typically union workers like say PGE projects. Pay could be $18/hr etc.

Most, and I stress most, are not covered that way and the flaggers, who have to be state certified, are paid around minimum wage ... maybe 8 - 8.50.

Now, as an IC on a safety job, you are not entitled to normal working conditions. No break, lunch etc.

So if you ever think you are just sitting there, and don't see 2 flaggers, one may be off breaking the law - peeing in the bushes.

Those prevailing wage jobs, usually also have porta-potties too.

Having said that, for small jobs, the role of flagger is often filled by one of the crew rather than hired for the job. A lot of Verizon installation is going on in my area, many of those are 2-4 hour partial lane closures, so they are using crew members to flag.

How the State / County / City hires these folks I don't know. If they are state employees, then they probably also get PERS :-)

FWIW, if you know someone who needs a job, flagging companies are always looking.

Note: I am not an expert, and am just regurgitating what I have learned from a couple of friends I have who have been/are professional flaggers in OR.

Daniel said...

Thank you very much for the info. I will check into how much ODOT flaggers get paid and what their working conditions are.

Robin said...

I agree with Daniel about the guns and registration... although being a law-abiding citizen, there are ramifications about having a database on firearms.

If a country invades the United States, one of the first thing that they're going to do is obtained the database and find out who has weapons they can be disarmed.

Personally, I believe that one of the hesitations of being invaded is because nobody really knows how many people own firearms.

I do not like guns, the only thing I know about them is which and not to stand in front of but I am seriously considering taking a gun course and buying a gun for protection of my home and family because I obviously cannot count on law enforcement to do so.

Of course here's the catch 22 with the situation in New Orleans... they had declared martial law, they have snipers and huge amounts of criminal activity that they are trying to get under control.

So if I was faced with the question of surrendering my weapon or face arrest and the protection of myself and family...

Ric said...

I do not like guns, the only thing I know about them is which and not to stand in front of but I am seriously considering taking a gun course and buying a gun for protection of my home and family because I obviously cannot count on law enforcement to do so.

I recommend everyone know how to handle a gun safely - even those who would never own one.

Here is a thought -
Say we have a Tornado or EarthQuake, you run over to help your neighbor, find him pinned under some rubble. You want to help, but in his lap rests a hand gun. Could you pick it up safely?

If you own a gun for self defense
Please, please practice with it.
Load, unload, shooting, clearing jams, etc.