Sunday, September 18, 2005

New but not improved

The Fishwrapper has changed it's look. (again) They also want to stop being called "liberal." They prefer the term "progressive."


Anonymous said...

Here is a giant example of "progressive' thinking!

According to the Oregonian today, the last, thank GOD, in the "feel good" series on the release of hundreds of CRIMINALLY INSANE patients intended for you and yours in your neighborhood in Portland has finally ended.

For too many years, I have been talking about this insane idea that people judged guilty but insane of crimes such as murder, arson, rape, abuse of family members they have done, yet never been charged with, and releasing them to unsecured residences in neighborhoods, near schools, daycare centers, places that are impacted enough as it is by daily prospects of crime, is and will be a crime itself.

OK, who are the idiot elected officials that should, but will not be responsible for your potential loss of a loved one, if one of these folks do not return from their 90 minutes of UNSUPERVISED walks in your neighborhood?

The answer is just about all of them, with the county council being the biggest contributors.

Not one of you, with few exceptions have ever taken the time to research this issue, so let's just ASSUME you can trust the officials I mentioned. ASSUME, you know what that could be if you ASSUME anything.

So, Lets all just sitback and welcome "THE NEW NEIGHBORS" ...but, Dammitt, don't say I didn't tell you so.

Daniel said...

Jack, I HAVE researched this issue. While convictions and court actions are public records the medical stuff is all private.

I've looked for various government housing projects for these people and it appears that much of it is contracted out to third parties.

If you have some good links with info please post them for me. Or if you even have some good search terms that you use to look at this, maybe I'm not using the right terminology when searching for info.

Anonymous said...

"ontracted out to third parties." kidding.

Cascadia Behavorial Healthcare, good place to keyword this one.

Go there for a start, then look at the 99th session in Salem. Criminally insane community placement in the states of Washington an New Jersey, have good information. The Federal laws that are at issue are the Federal Fair housing Act, an Americans with Disabilites act.

Then just consider all recent acticules and recent news stories of the Oregonian's massive sales editorial to "prep"neighborhoods for what is planned.

Tim said...

Gee, isn't that nice the "Fishwrapper" prefers being called Progressive. Guess it sounds more "Progressive" than using an honest term like, say Socialist, or Communist to describe their politial bent.

Anonymous said...

Why are racist bigots always fat and ugly?????