Sunday, September 25, 2005

Another set of pictures

How can you afford a Caddillac doing the jobs that "Americans won't do?"

This is Arturo Vargas who works for OCDC attempting to cover his name badge. Arturo, you were a jerk.

And these are good patriotic Americans who disaprove of the state of Oregon giving assistance to criminals.


Gunslinger said...

Nice, a caddy. In contrast, I have lived here my whole life, have served my country, work, and go to school, and I have to drive a $400 impound yard blazer. Awesome.

It burns me up inside to know that the illegals come here, with no intention of giving anything back to our nation, exploit our weaknesses, and then have the nerve to say things like "everywhere we go there is someone like that."

Daniel said...

Maybe they can afford the caddy because we are paying for their "migrant housing."

Anonymous said...

This is pure BS.
1.) They can afford things like this; Caddies, tricked out cars with rims that cost more than I make in a month, etc. because they pay NO taxes whatsoever.
2.) They also pay nothing for health service. Who cares what the "deductible" is if you are never going to pay it.
In contrast I have a super nice Mexican (yes Mexican) family that lives across from me and the father busted his ass to get here legally and again busted his ass to make a living. HE is the American dream, not these yahoos.