Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Hall of Shame

The following pictures are of people who made the protest of the "Carousel of Criminals" a little bit more interesting.

This idiot was hanging out down the street and decided to roll through while blasting his mariachi (is that how you spell it?) music really loud. He received cheers from the criminals. His license plate number is VEE 988.

This idiot was one of the guys who didn't have an appointment. And since I wasn't allowed inside because I didn't have an appointment, I made sure that no criminal aliens without an appointment got in. This guy insisted on hanging out and giving me dirty looks for quite a while afterwards.

Although you can see the "dirty looker" in the background still staring at me, the main attraction is the guy with his back to the camera. He had just flipped me off and another woman and then yelled at us with his back turned while we took pictures.

Unfortunately for "the flipper" he still had to walk past me to get inside...

And I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't put up a picture of this girl. She insisted on yelling at me the minute she saw me. I kept trying to have a calm conversation with her boyfriend about whether or not he had an appointment and what his immigration status was and she screamed at me the whole time. Even after they got through the fence she came back to yell at me. This fullfills my promise to put their faces on the internet.

And finally, the employees of OCDC. (Oregon child development coalition) The man in the middle is actually a pleasant enough human being that he shall remain nameless. I did have some good conversation with him and he understood my position. However Arturo Vargas (left) insisted on saying things like "no comment" when I asked if tax dollars paid his salary and Miguel Aguilar (right) was less than helpful but I will admit that he came later and I didn't get to spend that much time trying to interogate him.

And don't forget:

Saturday, October 15, at 1:00 p.m.

On the steps of the Oregon State Capitol Building in Salem. Sponsored by Oregonians for Immigration Reform.

Call (503) 435-0141, or check updates here for more information.

Please come and demonstrate that you care about the future of America.


Anonymous said...

you my friend are an assclown.

Daniel said...

Your grammar could use some work. But I'm glad that we are friends!

If you have something to contribute to the conversation then I'm always here for a friend.

Sailor Republica said...

I wouldn't call him an assclown more than I'd call him a thorough purveyor of justice and exposer of those in state government who are doing illegal things.

An assclown Daniel be not.

Allen said...

"assclown" Profound!

Robin said...

I am curious to what that woman was saying when she was yelling at you.

Was she promoting her right to break the law?

and were they freely allowing others inside without an appointment until you started insisting otherwise?

ESABATM said...

I'll try and make this rally. Sounds like fun.

Anonymous said...

Can we carry concealed for this rally?

Daniel said...

In order:

Sailor, thanks for the kind words.

Allen, liberals do have a way with words don't they? It almost make up for the fact that they have no logic or compelling argument.

Robin, she screamed that I had no "right" to take pictures, I wasn't the press, she's an American, (her boyfriend was in the proccess of explaining his immigration status and she cut him off) what was I doing there, I had no "right" blah blah blah...

Esabatm, it is fun. It is also invigorating to see many like-minding patriotic citizens standing up for this community.

Anonymous, you may carry concealed anywhere the law allows as long as you have a permit. If you have any questions I would dirrect you to this site:

Anonymous said...

Don't a lot of the so called "clients" being served by the state look like potential crimminals? I hate to sound bigoted but they all seem to have that look to them.

I sent an email to the lady who heads up the "Carousel Of Information" for the state. I told her that I was outraged that tax money was being spent to help make life easier for illegal aliens in the state. I let her know that I have paid state taxes for over 20 years without ever needing a freebie, and that if I ever did I would be upset having an illegal immigrant and his/her family in front of me in line.