Friday, September 02, 2005

Now it's not just girls who shouldn't walk alone after dark

Via Orbusmax
Writer claims responsibility for Bellingham slayings, warns other offenders
The investigation into the slaying of two Level 3 sex offenders in Bellingham has taken a twist with an anonymous letter claiming responsibility for the killings — and threatening the county's other high-risk offenders.

Kit Bail, supervisor of the DOC's field offices in Whatcom County, said the letter was alarming. "The threat was pretty clear: These are 25 people that should not be on the street. It named names," she said.

Police say one possible motive was vigilante justice, though that is not the only motive being considered. The killing nonetheless unnerved Chad Pyles, a 24-year-old convicted of rape, who lives three blocks from the homicide.

"If they went after a couple of senior citizens, why not me?" said Pyles, a Level 3 offender.

Ofelia Ayala, mother of another Whatcom County Level 3 sex offender, said her son called her last night after learning of the letter. He was scared and asked for money to buy a cellphone to use in case of an emergency, she said.

I stand behind my position from my earlier post. These killings have had just the effect that they should have. Now it's the raping, molesting, sodomites who are scared instead of their neighbors and women who jog alone at night.

The deterrent factor is also huge. Who wants to commit a sex crime and have their name and address put on a public list that is potentially a hit list? The other possibility is that these people absolutely can't control themselves and there is no possible deterrent. If no future consequence will stop these rapists from offending then what is the solution? Government refuses to provide for public safety after the first offense as they keep letting these guys out.

The local news last night on FOX 12 during their "most wanted" segment featured a violent sex offender who had violently raped 3 different women and he just recently walked away from a half-way house in Portland and is loose on the street. One of the women he raped needed reconstructive surgery on her face and genitals because of this man.

It's interesting here how the Seattle Times doesn't describe the crimes of the two level 3 sex offenders that they talk about. Instead they choose to humanize them by showing us how "scared" they are and having one of their mothers talk about him.

Really, they didn't even tell us what the second offender had been convicted of. Molesting 6 year olds? Violently raping teenagers? Repeat offender? No mention of victims here other than this poor poor sex offender whose mom says he's scared. The Times made him the victim.

I hope that he is scared. I hope that he never leaves his house. I hope that it's a prison for him because that's where he should still be.


ESABATM said...

When I moved here sometime ago, I ordered a SO 290 list. The Stater was more than willing to look up address's and names right there on the phone if I wanted. Very helpful I thought. I received a 5 mile list of the people around my house. Scary

Gunslinger said...

I heard a story about womeone moving to a neighborhood here in Salem, they called to get that list, and to their supprise, a bunch of addresses of the offenders on that list were listed as "The woods behind Costco." Nice.

That article sucked, it totally made that scumbag the victim. I still stand by my original opinion, I wouldn't turn him in, probably buy him a beer, but I would have a hard time coming in with not guilty.

Thomas said...

Attention Hollywood: All this sounds perfect for a string of movies about a...

Oh, wait, it's been done.

Mr. Bronson might be grinnin'.

Gunslinger said...

Um, Charles Bronson is dead, dude.

Sailor Republica said...

Well, he could be grinning in his grave. Which would be alright, too.

Daniel said...

It is absolutely impossible to move into a neighborhood that doesn't have sex offenders nearby unless you live right next to a school or day care center where they are not allowed by law. And even then, I have heard about some "flexibility" with that law.

Anonymous said...

The local news last night on FOX 12 during their "most wanted" segment featured a violent sex offender who had violently raped 3 different women and he just recently walked away from a halfway house in Portland and is loose on the street.

And of course the problem in the South is bigger, but here is the same one some of you have "dissed" me for to long.

There is a solution to the problem of halfway houses and "criminally insane" group homes in our neighborhoods, neither the electeds I copy or wanna be electeds like Amanda Fritz will listen.

All say your "tone," your hate, your rant, is the reason I cannot get action.

I say...Its' you, your Political correctness, your lack of caring outside your own neighborhood, that remark goes to Jack Bog, Frank Bird, Frank Dixon, and a host of others, like Randy Leonard, Sam Adams, Diane Linn, all of the Multnomah county council.

Last week it was Beaverton, and a PSRB home where, the "WALKAWAY" here was quote ,"a danger to herself and the community."

Keep this crap up, and one of you will stand before a "Mike" with a profound idea to name a law for the poor victim.

The national weather service told the people of the area hit,."Hello, its a CAT 4 or 5, GET THE HELL OUT." Didn't they?

I'm telling you ... it's coming! Jack Peek

MAX Redline said...

You've now made the big time, Daniel - the infamous Peek has found you. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Jay....Do you work for the PSRB?

The county? the city ,the State?

Do you have a solution?

No, your shot was at me, who has some answers, before you Blog that its a shame someone was killed. Otherwise,....Well, you know my thoughts on non-contributors too an issue.

Its a well earned "rep' I have, because like the people I mentioned, its ok,as long as you don't have one of these places in your neighborhoods.

I will bet, the "TONE" of your post might be a bit more of concern, and finding out why I keep hammering on this.

Gunslinger said...

What the hell was all of that ranting about? I guess I missed something.

Anonymous said...

About Me
Well let's just see here, I am 28 years old. I live with my parents, I am unemployed, and I go to Crapmeketa Community College in Salem, OR. The good news, for all you ladies out there, is that surprisingly I'm still single. Oh yeah, I also play a lot of Xbox. You might find me on XB Live under the gamertag KAINEN.

Yes, you missed something alright GUNSLINGER!


Your not a father(maybe you are, but the kid doesn't know it), MAYBE you think your are informed...YOUR NOT!

The damn state and county is placing "criminally insane" people in neighborhoods next to schools (even junior colleges), the criminally insane don't steal hubcaps, maybe they do, but voices tell them to cut your head off while doing it. GOD YOU MAKE ME ILL!

Gunslinger said...

Wow, friendly. It always amazes me when people talk shit to other people on the internet. It's like "telephone tough guy."

I am really glad that I fight for this clowns right to talk shit to people.

Hey genious, here is a solution. Pick up a weapon and stand a post. Then come back and talk to me. Until then, feel free to rant on. Air is free, and no one has to listen.

Oh yeah, I am a father of several children. Mostly in the Peek family though.

Anonymous said...


The kids know there father, yours don't.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To Daniel, Gunslinger, and a host of others:

While I agree with Daniel 100 percent on this issue and this one alone,The DAMN borders need to be closed, and if our president doesn't close it...he is out!

Wait a minute, he is out in the next election, so are you people ready for the first woman president? Hell no we can't let that B-word get in, if you think it's bad now.

She is swinging too the center like "Bubba" did, an look where it went from there.

The answer is Tom Tancredo, he already went where I want to go on the issue of borders.

The issue of sex perverts, criminally insane group homes, halfway houses in neighborhoods is my issue. Gunslinger like most GEN XERS...DON'T CARE! It's a rant, is hate, its' not PC...f''aww I can't say that.

So like most electeds or wanna-be's,he and others mentioned all too often attack me. Why? It's safer, they don't offend anyone.

Well you don't offend me anymore, never did..but you're all on then verge of eating s-((oops, can't say that) because in less then 3 weeks, all of what I have said for more then 5 yrs is coming to pass.

Daniel, look up former Washington state rep Ida Ballishiotes from Mercer Island, WA., she can tell you, or your research can tell you why I'm still calling for commonsense to prevail. Gunslinger...put the X-BOX down and report back as well, then perhaps my "RANT', will have an impact, if not...don't have kids!

Lastly, Your "WHITE KNIGHT", Sen.Jason so far has refused my request for his position on the palacement of the crimiminally insane next to a school with 400 kids in it....I'm not going to hold my breath as Gunslinger, and a host of others want me to in waiting for a resonse. Jack Peek

jwalker said...

OK. I am an English teacher on the side. Let's see if I can help.

1. A period ends a sentence, which is usually just one complete thought. Such thought is usually related to the thoughts that precede.

2. A comma gives a pause within the context of one thought, not 10.

3. Usually all the thoughts in a paragraph are related in some way, usually by a topic sentence. A new thought or idea, hopefully related to the overall topic, is represented in a new paragraph.

What the heck was all that?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jay:

What just slays me is the Bloggers who "think" they are so smart, the only comment is the type you just posted.

You really made my point, that being you have not the courage(that would be balls) in some circles, to take the truth of the message and debate that to the end.

It proves to me that left, or right, or center...some people shouldn't open their mouths, let alone post on an issue they are afraid of, for what ever reason they, just made my case.

PS. Oh yes, a teacher in Oregon, well what else would one expect but a RINO...that would go after my writing skills, instead of protecting kids from sex perverts and criminally insane people next to a school as the case is in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, look up former Washington state rep Ida Ballishiotes from Mercer Island, WA., she can tell you, or your research can tell you why I'm still calling for commonsense to prevail.

The issue of certain types of people allowed by law or neglected by sub-standard laws or stupid electeds playing to the PC nature of this state an county and most of all Portland , a shame.

Daniel said...

Wow Jack, you managed to piss everybody off.

Don't think that I haven't been looking at your favorite issue though. Unfortuantely due to "privacy" laws there is not a whole lot of public info out there on the criminally insane.

I do searches every now and then to see if I can find something interesting but I'm striking out.

But Jack, the guys commenting here, Jay, Gunslinger, JWalker and all of them are good people. No need to get riled up.

Anonymous said...

registered sex offenders - protect the kids.

Anonymous said...

I Am A Family Friend Of The "Poor Poor Mother" You Were Talking About
I Am Not Going To Address The Issue Of Her Son
But For God's Sake She Is Still His Mother
She Has A Right To Be Afraid For Her Son
After All It Was The Son That Committed The Crime NOT THE MOTHER