Sunday, September 04, 2005

Immigration two-fer

Rep. Tancredo Predicts GOP Immigration Clash
President Bush and House conservatives are on a collision course over the contentious issue of immigration reform, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R.-Colo.) said Thursday.

Tancredo said he would rather have no bill than one granting amnesty, and he vowed he won’t back down from Bush. “Believe me, it will be one hell of a fight,” Tancredo said. “I guarantee you, I and everyone I can muster will be as aggressive as we can to stop it.”
Time to pick sides people. Are you a conservative who believes in borders, language, culture or are you a Republican who believes that just because Bush has an -R next to his name we shouldn't go after him like a pack of hyenas.

I'm with Tancredo!

Rick Hickey from OFIR was kind enough to email this story to me. Lars also touched on it during the week.
DMV worker fights firing
Last month, Dallas DMV office manager LaVay Jeffries was accused of racial profiling and fired.

He says that he was doing his job, trying to keep someone from obtaining an Oregon driving permit under false pretenses.

"I became suspicious, as this was beginning to look like someone possibly engaged in illegal activity, perhaps drugs or helping people get false Oregon ID," Jeffries wrote in an affidavit.
Jeffries apparently didn't realize that criminals, especially illegal aliens, are a favored constituency of the party of big government who must be protected at all costs.

This was not the first time Jeffries has called police when he suspected customers of criminal activity. On April 27, 1999, Fereja Seifu was arrested after Jeffries called police because he suspected Seifu of trying to obtain false Oregon ID cards for Abdulah Ahmed K. Alqubaisi, Hamad Sayah Al Mazrouei and Mansour Almulla.

Seifu stood trial later that year, and he was convicted of the sale of documents for purposes of misrepresentation.

But the three Saudi nationals who'd been with him fled the country.
This DMV worker may have prevented a terrorist attack on this country.

After the May incident, Jeffries was informed that what he had done constituted racial profiling, misrepresenting himself as a DMV employee, disregarding the chain of command and using DMV records for personal reasons.

He was subsequently terminated. His union is appealing the decision.
Typical government agency. Fire the guy who is actually good at his job and provides a service to the public. Keep the idiot who has the constant scowl and does the bare minimum asked.

"I do believe that the DMV has an obligation to the people of the State of Oregon to make sure to the best of their ability that the people getting licenses and IDs are providing authentic documentation," McIntosh said.

The DMV doesn't believe that. They believe it is a law enforcement issue.
Let's all remember that the next time we see a DMV employee getting assaulted. We shouldn't do anything to stop it because it's a law enforcement issue.

What we need is to fire everyone who works at the DMV like Reagan did the the air traffic controllers. Get rid of all of them. Then put LaVay Jeffries in charge. Hire people who won't turn a blind eye to lawbreaking and who will do their best to protect the public.

Any worker, in any field, who feels that a customer, vendor, contractor, etc is stealing from their company should report it. No one in the private sector would be fired for trying to protect their employers interests and turning in criminals.

Some contact info:
ODOT, Salem
(503) 986-3452
(as of 09/02/05)

DMV administrator Lorna Youngs said she regards Jeffries' actions as "outside the scope of his position," saying that it is not the responsibility of DMV employees to "conduct independent criminal investigations."

A search of the government directory doesn't reveal contact info for the other jackass, William Halsne, but if any of you find an email adress or phone number please leave it in the comments and I will post it.

A commentor has offered the email address for Mr. Halsne. I also heard Rep Jeff Kropf, who is filling in for Lars today, talk about Lorna Youngs. He said she is known for opposing all methods of preventing illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses. She opposes the Real ID act and apparently has no interest in enforcing the law. Thanks to those of you who emailed her and CC'd the email to me. Rest assured that she got a letter from me.


MAX Redline said...

I haven't run across any contact data for the idiot supervisor, Daniel, but I did see that he's an award-winning little bureaucrat.

According to, William Halsne was awarded an award for his suggestion for an improvement at the DMV. Specifically:

Add check box on Accident Report Form 735-32 to indicate reason the accident is reportable, and change color of ink on liability insurance question from red to black. Implemented 05/02.

Halsne was awarded a coffee mug in recognition of his outstanding contribution.

Daniel said...

Hahahahaha, that's great. One day I hope that I too am smart enough to think of something as important as changing the color of ink on a question from red to black. One day.... sigh.

Al said...

Ok folks, lets muster up and give the old girl what for!!!

Gullyborg said...

I do agree that we need to take a strong stand on immigration. However, I caution Republicans not to make it into a fight against Bush.

Remember that Congress has almost all the power here. Bush can talk about policy, but he is counting on Congress to create the legislation he wants.

Turning this into a fight against Bush will do more to help demoncRats in 2006/2008 than it will to enact the legislation we want.

What we need to do is lobby Congress to write the legislation, and then convince Bush to sign it, instead of just lambasting Bush.

Gunslinger said...

I second that.

POed in Oregon said...

I believe that William Halsne's email may be:

Scott said...

well a google search for oregongives one resalt for phone # plus an address. if thats relly hem ?

Daniel said...

Remember that Congress has almost all the power here.

See next post. Congress didn't say not to enforce our immigration laws in the disaster zone.

I like the president, he does some great things but I have to call him out on this issue.

peod in Oregon said...

I hope that Mr. Jeffries has better representation in his case than his union rep. Have you read the letter to the editor from the head of the DMV local 735 that puts a politically correct spin on the original newspaper article. I think this woman needs a few emails also to support Mr. Jeffries in his efforts. Read the letter at: