Monday, September 19, 2005

Religion of Peace update

The Great Lie of Islam
Innocent Iraqis who were just looking for work were tricked into coming close to a car by a suicide bomber, and their reward from Islam was that they were murdered. In that car was a fellow Muslim. So not only has Islam lied about only killing in self defense, it has also lied about never killing another Muslim. The lies just keep piling up and Muslims just keep denying it all.

Great column. I for one, am tired of hearing that Islam is peaceful while at the same time bombs are killing civilians. I am also tired of hearing that these terrorists are not practicing "true Islam." What percentage of Muslims have to believe in/participate in these tactics to make it "true Islam?"


Gowain said...

Here is another piece of evidence that Islam is a "Religion of Peace".

Daniel said...

Ah yes, the "honor" killing. In the Muslim world they find justice by killing rape victims.