Saturday, September 24, 2005

First set of pics from protest

OFIR organized a protest of the Mexican Mobile Consulate and the state of Oregon giving ID, legal advice, taxpayer benefits, job hunting skills, etc etc. I have A LOT of pictures. I will be posting them in installments along with my personal narrative about what went on.

Look for these pictures/comments to be posted all during the coming week. (There's that many!)


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! Keep protesting and keep in the public eye. Don't let them take our country without a fight!

Daniel said...

When people hear that this is going on they are outraged!

This is not an issue that is going away.

Anonymous said...

Brief excerpts below from a superb report on the effects of the marticula consular:

Controversy roils over Mexican ID [EXCERPTS]
North County (CA) Times
September 10, 2005

HOW THE MEXICAN ILLEGAL ALIEN ID CARD, THE MATRICA CONSULAR, SUBVERTS IMMIGRATION LAW AND FOSTERS ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: “A glossy brochure handed out at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego promises Mexicans that having one of the cards ‘can make your dreams come true,’ allow Mexican citizens to open bank accounts, get credit cards and even ‘own the home of (their) dreams.’"

ADDITIONAL USE FOR THE MATRICULA CONSULAR: CHEAP WIRE TRANSFERS TO MEXICO: “Bank accounts give immigrants more than just a safe place to keep their money, however. They are a first step toward establishing credit. They also provide access to other bank services, such as inexpensive wire transfers that allow immigrants to send money to their families in Mexico.”

U. S. BANKS QUICK TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS NEW “MARKET” FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES: “The Mexican Embassy reported in 2004 that the matricula consular was accepted as valid identification by 178 financial institutions in the United States, and 1,180 police departments, according to a report issued earlier this year by the Congressional Research Service.”

REASON FOR EXPANSION OF MARTICULA CONSULAR USE IN U.S: “Starting in 2003, a change in U.S. Treasury rules allowed banks and other financial institutions to accept matricula cards as valid identification to open accounts.”

FBI PANS MATRICULA CONSULAR, CLAIMS SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS EASILY FORGED: "’The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the matricula consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the nonexistence of any means of verifying the true identity of the cardholder,’ said Steve McCraw, assistant director of the FBI's Office of Intelligence, testifying before Congress in 2003.
“‘The government of Mexico issues the card to anyone who can produce a Mexican birth certificate and one other form of identity, including documents of very low reliability. Mexican birth certificates are easy to forge,’ McCraw said.”

Daniel said...

That is a great example of what we were protesting. Why would we encourage these criminals or make their lives any easier?

Anonymous said...

illegal aliens have bankrupted California; don't let them ruin the Pacific NW too

Daniel said...

There is that saying: As California goes, so goes the nation...

Anonymous said...

I think your disrespect for other people is something you should be ashamed of. I'm not hispanic and have no ties to hispanics so I'm not speaking for hispanic people. I'm an american. Born and raised in California where illegal imigration is a larger issue than Oregon. You are so right to say to be an american it is by birth or paperwork, but I'm ashamed of Americans like yourself because as Americans we should rise above name calling and taken pictures of people trying to make a life for them self. You have pictures of children on your blog that have nothing to do with your political views. At some point our famlies were all immigrants. You should be proud of who you are.