Wednesday, September 21, 2005

But not because he broke the law

Hope to rejoin family dies with deportee
A woman who fought to be reunited with her husband who was banished to Mexico after receiving bad legal advice is mourning his death in a roadside shooting.

She learned of his death Sept. 11, hours after he was gunned down in an apparent argument among a group of people in Chupio, a rural region in the Mexican state of Michoacan where he was raised.

With all due respect, people don't get deported for "bad legal advice." They get deported because they came here illegaly.

The prisons are full of people who will tell you that they are incarcerated because "they had a bad lawyer." (It had nothing to do with the fact that they actually committed the crime that they were convicted off, it's all the lawyers fault)


Anonymous said...

Likely as not he would have died in a roadside shooting if he had remained in the US and we would have been stuck with his funeral
cost. Murder and mayhem is common in the dark world of crime known as Mexico.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all can come this Sat. and show the government that we have had enough of their assistance with illegal immigration. This state will continue to be a magnet if YOU don't show up guys and gals.
WE are making a difference
So should all of YOU!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the deportees can help rebuild the FLATTENED RED STATES OF LOUISIANA AND SOON TEXAS.

Jesus said meek shall inherit Earth, not Cocaine Cowgirlz!

Daniel said...

I'm not sure what you are talking about anonymous #3. You want to outsource the rebuilding of two states to illegal aliens?

And what does it matter if they are red or blue states? They are Americans and our neighbors.

And what is a "cocaine cowgirl?"

Anonymous said...

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Bob said...


You are on fire!

Sue K. said...

Daniel, This is a little off topic but have you seen the article on American Patrol Report? Try this link. Right here in good 'ol Oregon. Hmmmmm, how many of these sex offenders are "not American citizens"? Why can't the paper come out and say that they are illegal aliens? Anyway, one of these creeps had 3 (yes 3!) court appointed attorneys. Hmmmm, once again, I wonder who is paying for that???? These are the fine examples of people that President Bush won't put a stop to entering our Country------illegally!! Sad.