Thursday, September 01, 2005

Give from the heart

It is very important that we give what we can to those who have lost everything. Before we rent a movie this weekend or buy that new shirt we should remember that many families don't have a home, an income, water, food, a toilet, a toothbrush, or even their personal safety.

Let's help our fellow citizens.


Gunslinger said...

Here Here! Thank you for putting it so plainly.

I am O-neg, so I will be giving up a pint of mine before I get deployed down there.

Scott said...

Daniel I know that this is not a regular charity but one hell of a lot of people believe in him. It's at lest worth looking at.

Robin said...

I agree with you Daniel, what makes America great is that we stick together in times of crisis

I have been back in school for the last three years living on savings and loans and for me money is very tight... but that didn't stop me from putting $100 on the credit card for the American Red Cross and I wish I could do more.

I realize not everybody has the ability to use a credit card, but your point about putting entertainment money towards the relief effort is an excellent one.

And if people do not think that just a little will make a difference, check this out.

Daniel said...

The suffering is going to be long term. So many people lost everything. Their home, their job, their possessions. These need replacing.

After the emergency relief is done we will have to continue to help our fellow Americans.