Friday, April 29, 2005

Do they have a separate drinking fountain too?

Multnomah County is hiring!
$44,056.80 - $54,204.48 annually

This position will manage the day-to-day operations of the computer lab, ensuring delivery of culturally-appropriate services to African Americans and other culturally diverse users. Since the North Portland Branch Library serves the community with the highest concentration of African Americans in Multnomah County, it is important that candidates be knowledgeable about and have extensive experience working with the African-American community, demonstrated by knowledge of the traditions, values, and customs of the community being served.

We are especially seeking candidates from various language, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds to enhance service to our diverse community.

Candidates must be knowledgeable about and have extensive experience working with the African-American community, demonstrated by knowledge of the traditions, values, and customs of the community being served.

Multnomah County provides an extremely generous and comprehensive benefits program to employees. Family members, including qualified domestic partners, are covered under most Multnomah County benefits programs.

The County pays most of the cost of health care premiums, with employees paying a small share.

12 vacation days
Ten paid holidays
Twelve days of sick leave
Three days of fully paid bereavement leave

The County pays both the employer and the employee's share of the retirement contribution (six percent of wages). Employees are vested in PERS after five (5) years of contributions or when they reach age 50.

And much much more! Thank goodness you folks are paying that I-tax so that we can hire a librarian to serve just black people. I'm confused though, how are they different? Aren't these Americans we are talking about? Don't they like football and hotdogs? I like football and hotdogs. Is that part of my "customs" and "culture"?

Does the library have separate drinking fountains that appeal to each races' "traditions" and "customs" or can we all just share one? Maybe this is a sign of "ethnocentric monoculturalism" but I don't understand, don't black people use the same computer programs as everyone else? Is there a black version of Windows? Will this librarian guide them to a "culturally appropriate" black internet?

The Pope is acting... Catholic!

New Pope Draws Line in Spain
In a sign that new Pope Benedict XVI is playing hardball with growing secularism in Europe, the Vatican has come out strong against a same-sex marriage bill in Spain.

Just one day after Spain's lower house of parliament approved the bill, which would also allow gay couples to adopt children, a senior Vatican cardinal went so far as to tell Spain's civil servants to refuse to marry same-sex couples – even if means losing their job.

The media will undoubtedly act as though the Pope has no right to say such a thing.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

She probably isn't tall enough to ride the roller coaster at Disneyland

Teen's abortion dispute draws new lines in life debate
A girl who wants an abortion in Florida normally does not need to get permission from her parents or to tell them of her decision.

But the Department of Children & Families is not letting a 13-year-old girl in its custody get an abortion, even though she wants one. That has drawn the ire of the American Civil Liberties Union, which sued this week to let the girl make her own decision.

"I hope they move very, very quickly because every day is another day of emotional torment for this child and every day the pregnancy continues, it becomes more dangerous for this child," said Richard Wexler, executive director for the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.

Apparently the National Coalition for Child "Protection" Reform is more concerned about this child being able to kill her baby than with finding, and prosecuting, the person who raped her. A pregnant 13 year old is prima facie evidence that the crime of rape has been committed because a 13 year old child can't consent to sex.

For the ACLU et al to insist that this child has a "right" to abortion is absurd. She doesn't have the right to drive, smoke, gamble, drink alcohol, or even watch an "R" rated movie. This is obviously a troubled child but the state of Florida, as her legal guardian, is looking out for her best interest and doing the right thing in denying this abortion.

Inventing more "rights" for kids

Statesman Journal Poll on transporting minors across state lines to get abortions.
Poll is in the middle of the page about halfway down!

Thanks to The Oregon Conservative for pointing this one out!

New Ann Coulter column

Drag Liberals into the Light
In one sentence Republicans should state that the so-called "nuclear option" means: "Majority vote wins." (This is as opposed to the Democrats' mantra, which is "Our side always wins.")

The question Republicans need to ask is: Why do the Democrats want to keep judicial nominees like Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen off the federal bench?

As I understand it, the reason Democrats are in a blind rage about Priscilla Owen is that, as a state court judge in Texas, Owen interpreted a law passed by the Texas Legislature requiring parental notification for 14-year-old girls to have abortions to mean that parental notification was required for 14-year-old girls to have abortions.

I think Americans need to hear Democrats explain that.

There's a whole array of groups opposed to Brown: People for the American Way, the National Women's Law Center, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the Feminist Majority, the Aryan Nation and so on.

A must read column!

Terrorists have more "rights" than parents

Report: Christian Parent Arrested After Being Denied Say-So in Son's Education
(AgapePress) - A Massachusetts group battling judicial activism and the advancing homosexual agenda in their state is reporting that the father of a kindergarten student was arrested on Wednesday during a scheduled meeting with the principal of his son's school. Since January, the father of the six-year-old had been attempting to get his son opted-out from discussions portraying homosexuality as acceptable.

According to reports by the Article 8 Alliance, David Parker and his wife Tonia had been in e-mail contact with Joni Jay, principal of Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington regarding material brought home by their son from school. The "Diversity Book Bag" included a book titled Who's in a Family, which portrays same-sex parent families as morally equivalent to traditional families.

One of the most disturbing trends of our time is the erosion of parental control. Children are now seen to have "rights" such as "privacy" and the ability to make medical decisions. Minor children do not have such rights. Parents are 100% responsible for the safety, behavior, and well-being of their children, they are also held legally responsible for the actions of their minor child.

One of a parent's duties is to filter what their children are exposed to. This parent made a reasonable request that was denied apparently because school officials believe more in homosexual indoctrination than they do parental rights/responsibilities. All parents should ask their children every night what they learned in school that day.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'm a crazy hateful right-wing extremist loony with deeply held beliefs...

New McCarthyism
"Loonies," "the American Taliban," "Frist Jihadists," "the Ayatollah bin Dobson"- all these terms and more were thrown at evangelical Christians last week as the controversy surrounding the abuse of the filibuster by Senate Democrats grew in scope and volume...

...It is certainly true that evangelical leaders typically oppose same-sex marriage and demand an end to filibusters of people of faith like Judge William Pryor - a devout Catholic whom Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) found unsupportable because of Mr. Pryor's "deeply held beliefs."

It's hard not to read an editorial, letter to the editor, or even a "news" article these days without a good dose of Christian bashing.

Note: I disagree with title of this column "New McCarthyism" because I don't believe in old "McCarthyism." Senator Joe McCarthy was a great American patriot who was clearly right about many of the communist spies in this country.

Next up: Prison needle exchange program

TVC Lobbyist Testifies Against Prison Condom Distribution Plan
April 28, 2005 – Ben Lopez, TVC’s California Lobbyist and legislative analyst testified before an Assembly Committee on April 19 against a bill that would authorize condom distribution in prisons.

Author of the legislation, Paul Koretz, claimed that studies indicate homosexual activity goes on in 30-60 percent of the inmates and HIV infection is five times as great in prison as in the general population.
How about if a criminal has homosexual sex with another criminal and they get HIV and die we can just chalk that up as a victory for society.

Support Microsoft!

Activists Trying to Stomp on Microsoft for Gay Rights Bill Stance
SEATTLE -- Microsoft Corp., one of the earliest companies to extend benefits to gay employees, now finds itself in the crosshairs of angry activists for rescinding support for gay rights legislation in its home state.

Critics say the world's No. 1 software maker caved to pressure from an NFL linebacker-turned-local pastor who had threatened to launch a nationwide boycott, and tried to tiptoe away from a bill it had previously supported.

Last week, the measure failed in Washington state's Senate by a single vote.

The gay rights nazis are hammering Microsoft for this defeat. Contact Microsoft and tell them thanks!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Woe is Portland Public Schools

Portland trims teaching jobs
Portland became the first big metro school district to cut teaching jobs to balance next year's budget, voting Monday night to eliminate the equivalent of 250 teachers, classroom aides, counselors and librarians because of the loss of local property taxes, declining enrollment and other factors.
Look closely at the wording of this. They will "eliminate the equivalent of 250 teachers..."
They can't even be honest and say "We are firing X number of people." Everything about schools and their budgets is a numbers game.

The school cuts amount to about 10 percent of the work force of the 47,500-student district, which is Oregon's largest. The school board made the cuts as part of its approval of a $396 million budget.
Doing the math with their number: (which might as well be made up)
They have a "work force" of 2500; (250 cuts is 10%)
They have a student population of 47,500;

They have an 1 employee for every 19 students. (Hmm, not 35 students like the class sizes)

Let's pretend that 500 of the 2500 member "workforce" are administrators or "support staff", not teachers, (that's 20%) we would have a teacher to student ration of 1 teacher for every 23.75 students. To get close to the "overcrowded classroom" ratio you would have to have 40% of the "workforce" be non-teaching employees. 47,500 / 1500 = 31.6

Would parents and taxpayers prefer to have the school spend it's money on teachers and teaching or on hiring various "support staff" and counselors?

Cuts are coming in Portland and many districts across the state because school salaries, health insurance and pension costs are increasing faster than state aid. Pension contributions for Oregon school employees, for instance, are projected to rise 53 percent next school year.
That means they could rise 106% per budget cycle! (biennium)

Besides cutting teaching jobs, the district's budget:
Spends $500,000 to hire three new central administrators in the curriculum department.
Half a million for three admins. I'm sure our kids will be much better educated for it.

If only the school year wasn't so short...
Between the start of the school year and the end of the school year there are 30 days (not counting weekends) that kids are not being taught. Outside the official "start - stop" there are 8 additional days when teachers are in the classroom (getting paid) but not teaching kids.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sign the immigration petition

Urge President Bush to Secure Our Borders Immediately
Petition to President Bush and Congress to secure our borders! Add your name!!

Courtesy: The Oregon Conservative

Those dark, radical conservatives

Preventing one-party rule
The filibuster is a parliamentary tactic that works against one-party rule. It allows a minority to block a vote through unlimited debate, and refusing to vote, that can be cut off only by a vote for "cloture" by 60 or more senators.

Which means the 55 Republicans who control the Senate are five votes shy of being able to stop the Democrats' threatened filibuster of some of President Bush's controversial judicial nominations. Thus Republicans may force a vote, requiring only a simple majority, to ban judicial filibusters -- a radical move dubbed "the nuclear option."

On Friday, Vice President Dick Cheney darkly warned Democrats he will cast the tie-breaking vote, as the Constitution permits, to ban the filibusters if the Senate deadlocks.

Conservatives seeking to tarnish their opponents point out that the filibuster was once a favored tactic of Southern segregationists trying to block civil rights legislation. That's a strange argument, given that conservative senators in that era didn't try to shut up their racist colleagues by wresting the floor from them.

So what would happen if there were 60 Republicans? Would the Fishwrapper be demanding that we stop electing "one-party" to carry out the will of the people?

We have a two party system where the parties have opposing ideologies. United States citizens (or in the case of Washington elections, dead people) vote for the candidates/party that will best represent their view. We don't go to the poll worried about the "rights" of the minority party. We don't say, "I'm hoping my guys win but that the other side will still be able to control the agenda."

And heaven forbid you try to "tarnish" a liberal with evidence of their previous misdeeds, it will only be pointed out that you, the conservative, didn't take the responsibility to baby-sit them and keep them from doing their ill deeds.

Bonus Mac!!

Mac Johnson's Dictionary of Political Terminology
Controversial (adj): Not liberal.

Community leader (n): otherwise unemployable ethnic liberal.

Analyst, Expert (n): otherwise unemployable white liberal.

Religious Right (n): those who both vote and go to church, in violation of the First Amendment.

Payoff (n): undocumented campaign contribution (to be refunded when “brought to my attention”)

And these are just a few.

New Mac Johnson column

Social Security Hostage Crisis: Day 24,570
In January 1937 the Federal Government began taking Social Security taxes from the paychecks of Americans. Americans have been whining and voting to get their money back ever since...

...For those that are truly sick of the Social Security debate, consider just one more question: why have we had this debate for a literal lifetime? Name one other aspect of your personal finances that you have so little control over or that you have to fight over like clockwork every few years. Do you have to monitor the government to make sure you will be allowed to keep your house next year? Must you petition a politician at every election to ask if you can have a car? No. But you would -- if the government were in charge of providing our housing and transportation as we have placed it in charge of providing our basic retirement. You own your house. You own your car. You beg for “your” Social Security...

Mac Johnson makes yet another compelling argument for private acounts.

Mac Johnson Homepage

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Year 2038: Gender changing is as common as changing hair color

When your gender doesn't match you
For 14 years, this seemingly all-American family has been forced to confront the nearly unfathomable fact that the boy they nurtured through baseball and Cub Scouts is, at her core, not really a boy at all.

He is a girl in a boy's body.
Read that sentence three times. Does it even make sense?

Now, as Sander blossoms into an outwardly typical teen-age girl, her family has come a long way toward confronting the truth about its youngest member:
Sander is transgender, a nearly invisible minority among sexual minorities.
"Outwardly typical?" Do most teen-age girls have a penis?

Today, Sander awaits adulthood, when an operation is expected to transform her male sex organs into a female's. She takes a drug that hinders testosterone production, blocking the growth of facial hair. She dreams of one day marrying a kind husband with a good job, while she stays at home to raise three adopted children.
Adopted? Why can't she just have her own... oh right, "she" is really a boy!

For as long as the family can remember, Sander was different from other boys. He liked to watch his mother cook, vacuum and put on makeup. He wanted to play with dolls. He cried when he first realized that his genitalia were male.
Now if I said that girls like to do those things I would be labeled a sexist and probably charged with some sort of "hate crime."

As Sander grew up, the family retreated into a secret life. At home, in private, Sander played with his mother's makeup, shoes and jewelry and his growing collection of Barbie dolls. He began to accumulate a closet full of girls' clothes, which he wore around the house.
Why would parents let their child do this?

Randell, Sander's now-24-year-old brother, would ask, "Why's he always wearing girls' clothes?" Rhonda says.

But Randell, a fraternity man during his years at Oregon State University, happened to take a human sexuality course, in which he learned about the whole spectrum of sexuality, including transgender people. He brought the book home with him one weekend and showed it to his parents.

"He said, 'There's nothing wrong with him,' " Rhonda recalls.
Thank goodness a taxpayer funded institution showed him that there's nothing wrong with boys wearing girls' clothes.

The real turning point for the family came on a June afternoon in 2000. Rhonda and Mike were in downtown Portland when they happened upon the annual Gay Pride Parade. Rhonda recalls watching a group of "lovely ladies" marching by. They were representatives of the Northwest Gender Alliance, a support organization for cross-dressers and transsexuals. She was astonished.

"That's like what I live with," Rhonda recalls thinking. "I said, 'We're bringing Sander to this next year.' "

"That was the first time we ever took Sander out dressed as a girl," Rhonda says.

They were nervous boarding the MAX train for downtown. Sander, then a sixth-grader, wore a wig and animal-print pants. They fretted about running into people they knew.
A sixth grader?!?!?! What is wrong with these people!?!?!?! AAAAAHHHHHH!

They began to tell a few people that Sander was a transgender female. Rhonda told her colleagues at work. Sander told schoolteachers and administrators, who arranged for her to use the private faculty restroom.
What about equal treatment? Why don't all the kids get to use the private faculty restroom? Seriously, FRC or Liberty Counsel ought to sue. Put a stop to this madness. And what happens at the YMCA? Or public restrooms? Guess what Sander, you're not following my daughter into a restroom.

I'm just speechless. I can't believe the Fishwrapper would print this sob story legitimizing this behavior. Let's take a look at some interesting facts:

Most, if not all, "transgenders" are male. As are most rapists and child molesters. Men act out sexually and are more likely to be sexually deviant.

To say that this is not a "lifestyle" is absurd. I could easily assert that hunting is not a "lifestyle" but that I was born that way, I have the urge to hunt. I can't help who I am. It's just not a choice for me. It's hardwired into my system. Man has hunted since the beginning of time. I need special rules and conditions so that I can enjoy my "self-expression" because it is just who I am. So we can't have hunting regulations. No bag limits restricting my "identity". And those city ordinances that say I can't discharge my firearm within city limits? Those are hateful and discriminitory. And if PETA says bad things about me they should be charged with "hate crimes."

Being "born that way" does not excuse deviant behavior regardless. I'm certainly not conceding that gays or transgenders are born that way but say, for the sake of argument, that they are. So what? Child molesters could claim the same thing. That doesn't make it right. Society has said that adults have sex with children is wrong. It is perfectly appropriate for us to say the same thing about homosexuality or transgender behavior. No, I'm not suggesting we lock gays up, we have decided that consenting adults can be as sexually deviant as they want. But public policy should not reflect that this is normal much in the same way public policy should not condone having multiple partners at the same time.

I don't flip burgers, I'm a CEO

Sexual identity, on its own terms
Transgender: The umbrella term for people whose gender identity or gender expression is different from the gender they were born with.
Also know as: Reality doesn't apply

Gender-queer: Refers to those who feel genderless or partially gendered.

Pronouns: Transgender people often prefer "ze" to he or she. Similarly, they prefer "hir" to his or her. When in doubt, ask a transgender person which pronoun is preferred.

This is just a sample of the twisted terminology from today's Fishwrapper.

Arguing against their own argument.

ACLU caught red-handed?
The ACLU's support of a legal precedent used to gain recognition of a student homosexual group has reversed now that the ruling is being used to back the rights of a Christian club on campus, claims a public-interest law firm.

The ACLU now wants to strike down the Prince case if it will be used to allow a Bible club on campus, the ADF's Tim Chandler told WorldNetDaily.

"The ACLU is obviously engaged in religious bigotry – in cases concerning homosexual groups, they argue that Prince fully applies, but now, when it clearly applies, using the ACLU's own standard, to a religious club, they are seeking to overturn the Prince decision," he said.

ACLU of Oregon Annual Membership Meeting
Whose Morals? What Values?

May 21, 2005 at 1:00 pm in the
Smith Center at Portland State University

That is an interesting title chosen for this meeting. Obviously the ACLU recognizes that there can be no vacuum of morals and values, it is just a matter of which ones will prevail. Unfortunately this derails 90% of liberal arguments that are premised on the assertion that conservatives "want to push their values on others."

Member of the ACLU have values and morals, they are just different than mine. But the height of hypocrisy is that they would accuse me of "pushing" my values on others while pretending that they are not actively promoting their own set of values.

Don't let anyone tell you that you "can't legislate morality." A government that sanctions gay marriage is legislating morality, the ironic thing is that they don't call it that because homosexuality is traditionally associated with immorality. But they are still asserting a set of values. (that homosexuality is ok) When Measure 36 passed it was called "bigotry" by the ACLU. The ACLU are currently opposing Faith Based Initiatives in Oregon and I will call that religious "bigotry" on their part. This is because of our opposing values. I do not want our public policy to condone homosexual families and they don't want our public policy to approve of religion. We are both pushing values. The difference is that I will admit it.

Just give them the change from your ashtray...

Oregon proposes local cell phone tax
Major cell phone lobbyists have launched a campaign opposing a proposed law for Oregon municipalities to collect a 5 percent cell phone tax.

Already, about 17 percent of a typical U.S. cell phone bill covers state taxes and federal fees--an increase of 3 percentage points more than in 2003.

"While this may amount to a windfall for Oregon cities, it is certainly a sizable tax increase for your constituents," Largent wrote to Oregon lawmakers on Friday. "Utility-type tax proposals like the one being considered in Oregon only serve to punish consumers who have opted to become wireless subscribers."

I always enjoy reading news stories about Oregon from media sites that don't focus on our state. (In this case CNET, a technology oriented site) They don't have the same "tax everything that moves" mentality that our largest Fishwrapper does and cover stories a little differently. (Sometimes seeming perplexed by the behavior of our local governments)

We'll let the opposition define us

Conservatives in conflict
(my highlights are in bold)
In the past few months, American conservatism has swerved toward a power-hungry self-righteousness that scares many Republicans. One of the fearful is John Danforth...
Oh yes, conservatives acting conservative does make me very "scared."

...The new GOP agenda seems to be less, not more, freedom. Consider the efforts to bar gay marriage, ban stem-cell research or impose school prayer. Consider thinly disguised appeals by Republicans in Congress for impeachment or even assassination of judges whose rulings they dislike...
Republicans were practically loading the guns of would be "assassins."

...American conservatism has not one but two hearts: one is libertarian, the other authoritarian. One heart proclaims "government must not make me live like others;" the other insists "government should make others live like me." The first heart beats in old-style conservatives such as Danforth and John McCain; the second burns within figures such as John Ashcroft and Antonin Scalia...
This author is the only person in America who refers to John McCain as a conservative. The reason he is so loved by the mainstream media is because he is a "moderate" who is willing to stab his own party in the back.

...It's not surprising that conservatives are making wrong choices...
I love how people who hate conservatives can say a sentence like this with a straight face. Kind of like how you can get an objective opinion of a woman from her ex-husband.

...Authoritarianism as a political concept dates from 1950, when the German philosopher T.W. Adorno and a group of colleagues advanced the idea that there is an authoritarian personality. Because of childhood experiences, such as a distant, rigid father and a smothering mother, Adorno's authoritarians were conformist, submissive, fearful and irrational -- easy prey for a Hitler or a Stalin...
No opinion peace about conservatives would be complete without reference to Hitler.

...That may be happening now, as the Republican majority loses the momentum it gained from its November victory. Or perhaps the authoritarian moment -- what Jefferson, in a similar dark time, once called "the reign of witches" -- will persist a little longer...
I guess that's more creative than just calling conservatives "Nazis" for the one-millionth time.

About the author:
Garret Epps has written a column about keeping the 10 commandments out of school and a book about letting Indians use peyote for "religious purposes." (On the other hand we might have some religion at UC Berkeley if the Supreme Court had allowed the hallucinogen)

He has columns in The American Prospect (liberal rag) and The Nation (another liberal rag).
His salary is paid by Oregonian's tax dollars while he teaches your children his idea of first amendment law at the University of Oregon.

Like asking the mother of a criminal about her son (he's a good kid), asking Garret Epps to give advise to conservatives would be self-defeating. He wants conservatives to lose. He can tolerate Republicans such as McCain, whose campaign finance "reform" probably should alarm any advocate of the first amendment, to give the illusion of tolerance. This is similar to a racist who, when exposed, argues that "some of my best friends are black..."

His column in today's Fishwrapper also takes "liberties" with the facts:
The new GOP agenda seems to be less, not more, freedom. Consider the efforts to...ban stem-cell research...
The Republicans have never made any attempt to "ban" stem-cell research. The President is opposed to federal funding (aka tax dollars) of this research. Private companies can fund their own research as much or as little as they want. (If this equates to a "ban" then obviously the free market has decided that stem-cell research is of little value)

Consider thinly disguised appeals by Republicans in Congress for impeachment or even assassination of judges whose rulings they dislike.
If Mr. Epps has evidence of conspiracy to commit murder or conspiracy to solicit murder then he should alert the authorities as these are crimes. If not, he should stop making wild accusations that he can't prove.

Email Garrett Epps

Friday, April 22, 2005

They hug poison trees maybe?

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health. Crowded conditions and resource shortages will improve as we become less dense.

As VHEMT Volunteers know, the hopeful alternative to the extinction of millions of species of plants and animals is the voluntary extinction of one species: Homo sapiens... us.

In honor of Earth Day you should check out what the tree huggers next great idea is. First it was recycle, then it was don't drive, now it's just die.

What will they think of next?

A Catholic Pope?
Along with all those pick-and-choose American Catholics our pagan media is shocked -- shocked -- that the cardinals have picked a new Pope who is a real, honest to goodness Catholic!...

...How, they ask, could a brilliant cleric and author of scholarly books such as Pope Benedict XVI not understand that opposition to such icons of modern thought and practice as abortion and homosexuality and militant feminism and unrestrained sexuality is an outmoded code of conduct. Get with the times, he is advised.

The media is very alarmed that the new pope seems to have some religious values. He's described as a "hard-liner" and "divisive." I would use those words to describe someone who thinks a baby can be killed while it's partially delivered and calls that choice. But the media never does.

People who oppose gay marriage are "divisive" but those who push gay marriage are just arguing for "equality" in the media.

I'm a "racist" for wanting to enforce our immigration laws but groups like La Raza (translated = The Race) are advocacy groups or social clubs.

I could go on...

It's an open forum...

Anonymous posting now allowed!
I have changed the settings on my blog to allow anonymous postings. I hope that this will increase discussion and participation on the message boards. If you like what you read let me know. If you have some suggestions let me know. If you think I'm an idiot then let me know. If you think I'm factually incorrect please source your material instead of spouting off stupid one-liners from a talking points memo.


A living, breathing, twisting, turning, jumping up and down constituition

Justice Scalia: “The Court Has Liberated Itself From The Constitution”
And, as Scalia points out, BOTH SIDES are equally in favor of “interpretation” of the Constitution, rather than abiding by what it actually says. He asks: “If you think that the Constitution is meant to reflect ‘the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.’ — then why in the world would you have it interpreted by nine lawyers? What do I know about the evolving standards of decency of American society? I’m afraid to ask.”

Why is it than whenever Scalia opens his mouth I know that a great quote will come out.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

They just come here to work hard...

Oregon murder suspect picked up by Border Patrol
TUCSON - An illegal immigrant sought on a murder warrant from Portland, Ore., has been arrested in the Arizona desert by Border Patrol agents.

If we enforced our immigration laws and would stop saying "illegal aliens aren't criminals" then someone's father/son/daughter/mother would still be alive today.

And you though gas was expensive...

Washington County Commuter Rail Project
The project, which would establish a new 14.7-mile passenger rail line between Beaverton and Wilsonville...

The $103.5 million project...

Let's see, $103.5 million divided by 14.7 miles is... $7,040,816.32 per mile!!
But I'm sure it's creating some great Oregon jobs right?

TriMet is working with Colorado Railcar to design and build the vehicle.
Guess not.

New Ann Coulter column

Pies, Lies & Videotape
But there still remains the devilish issue of the accuracy of the reporter's account. Daily Star reporter Smith also wrote: "Coulter couldn't be reached for comment late Friday" (as a result of our not trying to reach Coulter for comment late Friday). Tip to aspiring reporters: If you want a comment ... try asking!

I'll even type out my comment for you, Kim: "In a prepared statement, Coulter darkly hinted that prosecutors who fail to bring the pie assailants to justice will be held accountable for their actions--a charge that was tantamount to Coulter's calling for a pie-throwing attack on the county attorney." Reporting like that could earn you a coveted position covering Tom DeLay for The New York Times!

The only crime to be caught on tape and still be dismissed by the prosecution!

Culture of death update

Oregon doctor testifies
SACRAMENTO — “Since the passage of Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law, I have learned the significant harm and danger of assisted suicide to the vulnerably ill and to society,” Dr. Kenneth Stevens, chairman of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Oregon Health and Science University said in Feb. 8 testimony to the Judiciary Committee of the California Assembly.

The state is considering a bill that would give California a law similar to Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.

“The assisted suicide focus is not on comfort care, is not on pain management and is not on palliative care,” he told lawmakers.

“When a doctor writes a prescription for lethal drugs for assisted suicide, the message to the patient is: ‘I don’t value you or your life.’”

Well said.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

She spit on them... they spit back

Vietnam vet spits in Jane Fonda's face
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man who said he was a Vietnam veteran spat tobacco juice in Jane Fonda’s face at a Kansas City book signing, police said Wednesday.

The man, 54-year-old Michael Smith, waited in line for about 90 minutes before spitting a “large amount” of tobacco juice into Fonda’s face, according to Kansas City police.

Man spits in Fonda's face

Hat Tip: Mac Johnson (a great columnist who I am proud to say has read my blog and liked it)

Isn't it enough to be a "Good White Liberal"

16th Annual Cultural Diversity Conference
Morning Workshop A, 10:30 - 12:00 PM
Short A1 Catch a ride on the Global Superhighway
Short A2 Isn't it enough to be a "Good White Liberal"

I love how the G, W, and L are capitalized in "good white liberal." Maybe that's an official title or something. Can black liberals be "good?" Can whites who are not liberal be "good?"

Afternoon Workshop C, 3:00 - 4:30 PM
C3) Lori Buckwalter, Building Bridges Across Gender
The more open discussion of sexuality and gender, along with economic, social and scientific advances, has revived speculation about what are valid constraints on individual identity and expression. How do transgender issues reflect the wider trends towards personal definition, action and social responsibility?

Valid constraints? How can a "good white liberal" even suggest that there are any? If Sam wants to wear a dress and be referred to as "Samantha" while he is employed at Chuck E. Cheese then we should force his employer to tolerate that. It's his "personal definition."

It has also come to my attention that "quite a few" state employees will be attending this conference during work hours and with full pay!

More Workshop Descriptions

Who is sponsoring the "Good White Liberal" conference?
PGE (Portland General Electric)
OCCF (Oregon commission on children & families)
Oregon Division of State Lands
Willamette University

United Methodist
Department of Forestry
Division of State Lands
Willamette University
YWCA of Salem
Oregon State Hospital
Salem Outreach Shelter
Department of Revenue
Oregon State Library
Chemeketa Community College
Child Care Information Services
Commission on Children & Families
Department of Corrections
Society for Human Resources
Northwest Human Resources Management
Salem Human Rights & Relations Committee

Oregon is NOT a role model on taxes

Hybrids could pay more gas tax U.S. to study tariffs on miles driven, not gallons purchased
Washington -- The federal tax man has an eye on those increasingly popular high- mileage vehicles, gas misers whose drivers love going further between fill-ups and saving on sky-high gas prices...

A switch in the way the 18.4-cent-a-gallon federal gas tax is levied could be in the offing, making it more of a user fee than a tax. By unanimous voice vote, the Senate Finance Committee approved legislation Tuesday to establish a 15-member commission to report back within two years on ways to ensure enough tax revenue to pay for the nation's highway, bridge and public transit programs.
High on the list the panel will consider is the per-mile fee that is already the subject of a $1.25 million pilot project in Oregon that will use a special "smart'' odometer coupled with a global positioning system in every vehicle, a system invented at Oregon State University...

In Oregon, the state Department of Transportation said it was pursuing the mileage fee because the gas tax is a "declining source of revenue.'' It also said it was aware of privacy concerns about equipping cars with GPS technology.
In related news the state of Oregon is now offering cigarette vending machines in local high schools since people who have quite smoking have made the cigarette tax "a declining source of revenue." Said one public official, "We only care about money."

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What second amendment?
OFF ALERT 04/19/05


While a bill to allow active duty military personnel to renew their handgun licenses by mail languishes in committee, the Senate Democrats are moving anti-gun bills.

Yesterday we told you of the possible scheduling of Senate Bill 956, another "no protection in schools" bill.

The Legislative web site now confirms that this bill will, in fact , be heard on Thursday, April 21 in Senate Judiciary at 1PM.

We suggest if possible (on such short notice) that you come and voice your opposition. If the past is any indication, Ginny Burdick alerted the supporters of this bill of the hearing long before it was announced to the public, so you can bet they will be there.

The Committee meets in room 343 in the Capitol.

Contact your legislators and tell them to OPPOSE SB 956

Public official acknowledges my "whiteness"

I have taken to writing to various public employees with semi-serious questions in a vain attempt to get one to put something in writing that would be worthy of posting on my blog. I usually pick a Human Resources Dept and email every employee with the words "cultural" or "diversity" in their job title. Below is my email and one response that made me chuckle.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been browsing your website (Multicultural Health) and I am having trouble finding information, initiatives, studies, events or opportunities for someone like me. I am wondering if you have intentionally left my culture out or if this omission was just overlooked. I feel that I am just as good as the next person and that I should not be discriminated against because of my heritage. Would you please email me a response with some information or a link to the appropriate web page where you discuss people like me in the straight-white-male category. Thanks.



Dear Daniel,

The Office of Multicultural Health is concerned with the health of all Oregonians, and is quick to acknowledge that all people have a culture. Some people are more aware of their culture than others. It has been asserted that people in the dominant culture do not have to know their culture because it is fairly ubiquitous. Thus, surface aspects of dominant culture (music, food, clothing, etc.) are readily accessible; moreover, notions of time, family, social protocol, and even history typically prevail such that they become the norm often eclipsing or masking what we learn about diverse cultural orientations. Whiteness is emerging as a academic discipline. As a result many colleges and universities across the united states are offering such courses. If you are serious about learning about "whiteness" there are many websites. I would direct you to google. com and enter white people. You should find several reputable and legitimate sites where you can explore white identity, culture, and history in greater detail. Much of this may dispel myths and in many cases the informal and formal education we received about white as well as non-white peoples in the U.S. and globally.
Good luck,
James Mason,
Director Department of Human Services Health Services
Office of Multicultural Health
800 NE Oregon St., Ste 930 Portland, OR 97232
Ph: 503.731.4601 Fax: 503.731.4078

Let's make it official

English-only advocates see barriers to bill easing up
(CNN) -- It's official in Zimbabwe and Belize, but not in the United States. This country is a notable exception to the 51 nations in which English is an official language. But a new bill in Congress aims to change that.

The English Language Unity Act of 2005 is only the latest of many attempts to make English the official language of the United States. The bill's sponsor, U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, also tried to get the bill past the 108th Congress, but it stalled in the House of Representatives.

Tell your Representative to support the English Language Unity Act of 2005!!

Contact your House Rep (Oregon)

Contact your House Rep (All others)

Give the man a medal... or maybe just a cookie

Secretary of State touts Oregon's successes
As Bradbury told the club, the secretary of state's office has three responsibilities: Make sure tax money is being spent wisely, help people with their businesses and oversee the elections process.
Concerning tax money, Bradbury said his office has conducted performance audits on every state agency. "For every dollar spent on an audit, we found $8 in potential savings," he said.
For example, he said, an audit of the state university system found it could be doing a better jobs collecting debts. And the state hospital and state prison could cut down on costs with better staffing schedules and less overtime.
"Improved performance saves Oregonians money," he said. "That's money that's available for schools, it's money that's available for other under-funded state programs."
Wow, collecting debts and reducing overtime in the prisons, that sure was a top-to-bottom audit. No word on whether the Department of Corrections Diversity Manager (Elizabeth Sadhu-Farwell) or Diversity Assistant (Becky Hagen) will be reducing their hours. We definitely need them on full-time though. Imagine a prison without diversity!
As for "saving Oregonians money" I notice that the possessive apostrophe was not used to indicate that the money belonged to Oregonians. Freudian slip maybe. But hey, if you are "saving" it then I think it would stand to reason that Oregonians would get some of that back. I guess not though.

If a worthless program is abolished in a forest and no one cares, does it make a sound?

Oregon Education Coalition
"Helping teachers and parents take their schools back from the bureaucrats."

Rob Kremer was on the Lars Larson Show today and is asking people to sign the online petition supporting HB 3162 which would do away with CIM/CAM. Go to the website and scroll down a little.

Text of petition:

I, ______________________________,
lend my support to HB 3162, which will replace CIM, CAM, and the benchmark tests in grades 3, 5 and 8 with a system of assessments that are objectively scored, can be readily compared to results in other states, and that meet technical standards for validity and reliability as defined by the "Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing."
By signing below I allow the sponsors of HB 3162 to list my name as a supporter of the bill in communications with media, legislators and the general public.

The UN: Protecting communist regimes since 1945

U.N. Ejects Minister After His Address on China's Religious Persecution

(AgapePress) - An activist for China's persecuted Church says it appears the United Nations is more concerned with appeasing that country's communist government than with learning the truth about the persecution of Chinese Christians.
China Aid Association president Bob Fu was recently asked to appear before the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. The head of the Texas-based ministry spoke during an assembly on religious intolerance and introduced details of abuse by Chinese officials directed at members of unregistered house churches in China.
During his address, Fu displayed an electric-shock baton that had been smuggled out of China. He explained that Chinese police used such devices to torture and interrogate Christians. But when the Christian minister showed the device and described its inhumane use, the U.N. ambassador from China reportedly registered a complaint, claiming the baton made the delegate "feel threatened."
After his speech, Fu's U.N. badge and the baton were confiscated, and he was ordered to leave the U.N. complex.

Much like every criminal claiming to be "beaten" by the police, depots in the UN know that if they make a compalint then political correctness will be the focus rather than their behavior.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Cultural Competency: Not just for public schools

With much ballyhoo over SB 50 (requiring teachers to be "culturally competent"), which was heard about on the Lars Larson Show and here on previous posts, little attention has been paid to what other government agencies have been bitten by the "culturally competent" bug. So what state/local departments will be judging people not by the content of their character but by their skin color or who they like to have sex with? Let's take a look:

Multnomah County Department of County Human Services Cultural Competency Plan Standards and Self-Assessment (PDF)
A. Agency staff, management and board reflect as closely as possible the ethnicity and culture of the population the agency serves.
PASS/FAIL Agency is able to determine that agency staff reflects the demographics of the service area population and/or clients actually served. Data source must be named. An agency may pass if the response to these criteria includes the development and implementation of a data collection system within six months.
Oh good, a quota system.

C. Agency environment is welcoming and safe to members of various cultural groups the agency is funded to serve.
PASS/FAIL Agency articulates efforts taken to assure agency furnishings etc… reflect the cultural groups served.
I'm not sure what this means but I think that they will be buying imported furniture.

A. Measurement of cultural competence is an ongoing part of employee performance evaluation. Areas needing improvement are identified and a plan for improvement through training and education is implemented as a performance-improvement measure.
PASS/FAIL Agency includes measurement of cultural competence in employee performance evaluation or has a plan to begin implementation of this standard. Performance improvement includes plans for improvement in this area for employees.
Sample Employee performance review:
Supervisor: Now Mr. Smith, we noticed that you seem uncomfortable around the new furnishings we have to serve our diverse clientele.
Mr. Smith: Sir, that's a leather bondage chair.
Supervisor: Our sexual minorities have to feel at home when they come in for government services. Leather makes them feel at ease. We have also noticed that you no habla the Spanish...
Mr. Smith: Well sir, I just figured that since this was America that...

Agency management, staff and consumers participate in evaluating agency's cultural competence. Management and Board members engage in an annual review of plan to include improvement planning for areas identified as deficient.
PASS/FAIL Agency evaluates cultural competency plan at least annually. Evaluation of plan includes all levels of agency staff and consumers.
Not that they are wasting time...

Oregon Children’s Mental Health Initiative
Require culturally competent skills-based staff training on evidence-based practices and family involvement through prioritizing training resources and aggressively pursuing additional resources for this purpose.
Additional resources = more tax dollars

UO Cultural Competency Project
The "societal mandate" for the Cultural Competency Project arises from rapid demographic shifts reflected in Census data, and the majority opinion and amici curiae ("friend of the court") briefs filed in Grutter v. Bollinger (the University of Michigan affirmative action case decided in 2003).
Aaah, society mandated this.
Immigration and birthrate trends, population migration, self-definition shifts, and other factors will continue to reshape Oregon and the United States throughout the 21st Century. These dynamics will also reshape how we experience ourselves, interact with each other, form community, access social capital, and learn and work together.
Those crazy "self-identification" shifts. Today I'm a boy but tomorrow I might be a girl, who knows next week...

CoDaC Cultural Competency Project Vision Statement
Cultural competency can only be achieved if individuals increase self-awareness. This reaches far beyond "appreciating" or "valuing" diversity, and requires active as opposed to passive action...
Moving away from what has been called "ethnocentric monoculturalism" toward "sociocultural consciousness" is a necessary, yet challenging step toward cultural competency. Ethnocentric monoculturalism has the potential to be destructive, especially as it inhibits the educational and societal benefits which flow from our diversity insofar as it creates barriers to cross-cultural competence and understanding.
I know that we all have been disturbed by the barriers resulting from "ethnocentric multiculturalism." Thank God taxpayer funded universities are willing to combat it.

These are just a few of the 35,700 hits generated by a Google search of "Oregon, culturally, competent." I think that we should all take a minute to think "how can I treat someone different because of their ethnicity/sexual preference/economic status?"

New Mac Johnson column

Ethnic Drag Queens: Red-Faced in Red Face
As you probably already know, Ward Churchill is a tenured poseur at the University of Colorado. A professor of ethnic grievance and Native American studies, Mr. Churchill claimed to be an American Indian, a combat veteran, an artist creating original Native American paintings, an author of scholarly writings on Indian grievances, and a militaristic self-appointed leader of "his" people.
In reality, Ward Churchill is a delusional white boy from Urbana, Ill., who never saw combat, created his "art" by scanning and colorizing other people's photographs and sketches, is accused of plagiarizing some of his scholarly writings, and has made a life's work out of denying, defaming and defrauding his actual people.

Mac Johnson hompage

More great insight from the Mac. Read it, know it, have a good chuckle...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

illegal immigration advocates speak with a forked tongue

A postscript on April 15
No one likes paying taxes, but Oregonians need to understand that illegal immigrants pay them, too

A s the debate heats up in the Oregon Legislature about illegal immigrants, charges fly back and forth about their value to our economy and whether, in effect, they earn their keep.
If your own income taxes are on your brain -- and they probably are, since the Internal Revenue Service deadline just passed -- you may be wondering whether illegal immigrants in Oregon pay taxes, too. There are lots of caveats, but the quick answer is: Yes.

The apologists for illegal immigrants can't make up their minds; one minute the illegals only work in low paying jobs that Americans just won't take, the next minute they are in the 50% tax bracket and paying more than their fair share. They are either being oppressed with sub-minimum wages (probably by Wal-Mart) or needing in-state tuition so they can become doctors. It just makes no sense to me.
Today's Fishwrapper has an editorial that takes the "they contribute so much to our society" argument. That the evidence to support their argument is unprovable ("We just don't have any way to track that," says the department's public information officer, Rosemary Hardin. But she adds, "There's no reason to say they're not (paying taxes).") just makes their position even more laughable. Let's take a look at the facts:

Illegal aliens do not have a Social Security number. The IRS will aide and abet these criminals and issue them a TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) if they so request it but they rarely do. Instead they use your SSN (make one up) and then say they have 8 dependents on their W-4 for so that no taxes are withheld during the year. Then they simply don't file a tax return.

If they do file a tax return how much do they pay?
You have ZERO federal tax liability if:
The taxpayer’s earned income and adjusted gross income (AGI) must be less than:
$34,458 if the taxpayer has more than one qualifying child ($35,458, if married, filing jointly);
$30,338 if the taxpayer has one qualifying child ($31,338 if married, filing jointly);
$11,490 if the taxpayer has no qualifying child ($12,490 if married, filing jointly).

In fact if you are on the above list you will probably get MORE back from the federal government than you paid! Do you make more than this if you are working those minimum wage jobs that "Americans just won't do?"

And I just have a hard time getting past this one: It is illegal for these people to work in this country!!!!

Employment Eligibility Verification
I am aware that federal law provides for
imprisonment and/or fines for false statements or
use of false documents in connection with the
completion of this form.

I attest, under penalty of perjury, that I am (check one of the following):
*A citizen or national of the United States
*A Lawful Permanent Resident (Alien # A__________
*An alien authorized to work until___/___/___
*(Alien # or Admission #)________

So they have broken our immigration laws, committed ID theft and perjury on form W-4, and now perjured themselves on the Employment Eligibility Verification Form. But they aren't criminals, they just come here to work hard. They sure do contribute sooo much to our society!

Rep. Linda Flores gets it right!

Flores Announces Oregon's Cultural Competency Plan For Education Is Unconstitutional
According to a recent Legislative Counsel opinion, the "cultural competency" definition and five-year plan of implementation throughout the educational system, from pre-school through graduate schools of education, violates free speech provisions of both the Oregon Constitution and the U.S. Constitution...

The issue arose out of a May 2004 meeting of a "Cultural Competence Summit" sponsored by the Oregon Department of Education. The invitation-only gathering determined that the definition of cultural competence is "based on social justice and equity" requiring "teachers to advocate for social justice."...

"It was obvious to me that this is a flawed document. I asked legislative counsel for an opinion on whether the state can require a teacher or administrator to advocate for the state's definition of social justice as a condition of licensure, or under threat of revocation of their license?"...

Read the report:

Working Definition of Cultural Competence
Cultural competence is a developmental process occurring at individual and system levels that evolves over
an extended time period. Cultural competence requires that individuals and organizations:

a.) Have a defined set of values and principals, demonstrated behaviors, attitudes, policies and
structures that enable them to work effectively in a cross-cultural manner.

b.) Demonstrate the capacity to 1.) value diversity, 2.) engage in self-reflection, 3.) manage the
dynamics of difference, 4.) acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge, and 5.) adapt to the
diversity and the cultural contexts of the communities they serve.

c.) Incorporate and advocate the above in all aspects of leadership, policy making, administration,
practice, and service delivery while systematically involved customers, key stakeholders, and

Notions of Equity and Social Justice: The work notes produced by many tables indicate a
consensus that cultural competence is more than more just effectively meeting the needs
of all students by providing teachers with the requisite knowledge and skills. Rather,
cultural competence entails actively challenging the status quo and advocating for equity
and social justice. For example, one table noted the need to incorporate “institutionalized
notions of power, privilege, and oppression” into the definition. Another table noted the
need to “acknowledge power differences and silencing.” Thus, for many, cultural
competence is transformative and political.

Equity Issues
· Exhibits capacity to promote equity of student access and outcomes
· Advocates for social justice
· Exhibits awareness of key concepts: privilege, affirmative action, assimilation vs.
pluralism, color blindness vs. color awareness, meritocracy, etc.
· Ability to identify, discuss, and challenge institutional racism and bias
· Recruits and promotes the success of a diverse staff – creates a respectful and
collaborative environment
· Awareness of laws and policies affecting learners

This is scary stuff. The homogenous liberal culture present in our public schools should make any parent nervous. Rather than teach our kids "color blindness" (Dr. King's Dream) they want to teach "color awareness." Instead of teaching that we are all Americans with lots of similarities they want to stress our differences. And God help you if you don't think that transsexuals are normal. I'm glad that Rep. Flores is doing her best to put a stop to this garbage.

Another editorial disguised as news...

Changes to Oregon land use laws not as sweeping as feared
...Hood River Valley should be ground zero for the land-use planning bomb enacted by Oregon voters as Measure 37.
Obviously the 60% of Oregon voters who said yes to 37 are not trembling in "fear" over this "bomb."

Oregon led the nation when it enacted statewide land use planning laws in 1973 that strictly limited development of farm and forest land and forced urban growth to stay close to cities.
Oregon is so far ahead in it's "leadership" that no other state has followed!

The Measure 37 campaign's poster child, 92-year-old Dorothy English, has won permission from Multnomah County to subdivide her land so she can pay for her retirement and give her children places to build their own homes.
Read that one twice. She "won permission" so she can do something with her own land and pay for her retirement.

Though Hood River County voted in favor of Measure 37, County Commission Chairman Rodger Schock figures now that people know more about how it works, they would vote it down if given the chance because they don't want to see the place they love turn into something else.
Oh yes, we Oregon voters are a bunch of idiots who have no idea what we voted on. We just need the Daily Dead Fishwrapper and government elites to tell us what to think.

As more houses go in, they create another brake on growth by demanding new schools, roads and police.
"It's really doubtful the public will say, `We'll pay for the infrastructure so you can develop your land," Fridley said.
Apparently Mr. Fridley doesn't get the connection between "new houses = increased property taxes" which pays for increased infrastructure.

Grower Mike McCarthy's biggest fear is that if too many growers turn their orchards into homesites, it will be tougher for those who remain.
Newcomers complain about pesticide spraying and the noise of frost inhibitors going off in the night. If farmland dwindles, the OSU Extension Service could leave. Packing houses would close. And growers would have a harder time buying land to expand if it becomes easier to sell for houses.
"There are a lot of people in the community who don't speak to each other any more," said McCarthy.
Look at the havoc we have wreaked. The construction industry has increased jobs, people are buying and selling property, and by gosh, neighbors who think they can tell adjoining property owners what they can and can't do with their land aren't speaking to each other.

Another article that doesn't mention the voter margin (60% - 40% in favor) when the outcome doesn't match the writer's beliefs.

FRC on judicial nominations

Questions and Answers: Why Should I Care About Judges and Judicial Nominations?
Q - Why should pro-family citizens care about the appointment of judges?
A - Many of the negative changes in American society over recent decades have been imposed by judges. The removal of prayer from public schools, the creation of a nationwide "right" to abortion, and the legalization of same-sex "marriage" in Massachusetts were all decisions imposed by activist judges, without considering the will of the people and their elected representatives.

If you aren't quite sure what the big deal over the "fillibuster" or "nuclear option" are take a quick read on the FRC website. Then contact Senator Gordon Smith and tell him to support Senator Frist in ending the fillibuster!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The calendar for everyone but "whitey"

Diversity Events Calendar (PDF)
A joint publication of the
Department of Human Services, Office of Multicultural Health Department of Administrative Services
With those three groups how could this go wrong?

What kind of fascinating and nondiscriminatory events are listed on this calendar you ask?
May 5
12:00-1:00pm. The Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Academic and Student Affairs sponsor a quarterly event to celebrate the diversity of OHSU, and to facilitate the coming together of people with similar backgrounds and interests. These events are intended for everyone at OHSU with an international/multicultural background – including students, researchers, faculty, health care providers and other employees – and anyone else who has an interest in attending. INFO: Pam Racansky at or 503/494-5657.
So if I go I have to drink from a separate drinking fountain or what?

May 3
HISPANIC METROPOLITAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS LUNCHEON. Keynote: Vickie Phillips, Portland Public Schools Superintendent. 12:00-1:30pm at the Governor Hotel, 614 SW 11th Avenue, Portland, Oregon. Cost: TBD. INFO:; MaryAnn Potter at 503/222-0280,
I am willing to bet anyone $20 right now that the winners of these scholarships will all be Hispanic. Can anyone name an ceremony or award that you could guarantee would go to a white person? Anyone? Being charged with a hate crime doesn't count but yes, that only happens to white people.

Don't get me wrong. I don't care that Hispanics have Hispanic scholarships. I don't care that the boy scouts are only for boys and the the gay club is only for gays. I'm just highlighting the double standards. I get accused of being a racist/homophobe/discriminatory all the time (affiliation with the Republican Party is apparently presumtive evidence that you are just one step away from being a Nazi) when I am simply judging people by the content of their character. And if I want to form a "straight white guy club" I should be able to do that without getting sued or being arrested for a hate crime. The ACLU will even defend the freedom of association rights of the child-molesters club (NAMBLA) but would be outraged at the idea of a group that excludes transsexuals.

Those violent Republicans?

It's Funny Only Until Someone Loses a Pie
Last October, two liberals responded to my speech at the University of Arizona --during question and answer, no less--by charging the stage and throwing two pies at me from a few yards away. Fortunately for me, liberals not only argue like liberals, they also throw like girls...
...In the three weeks following the dismissal of all charges against my attackers, three more conservatives were attacked on college campuses.
On March 29, liberals' intellectual retort to a speech by William Kristol at Earlham College was to throw a pie. On March 31, liberals enjoyed the hurly-burly of political debate with Pat Buchanan at Western Michigan University by throwing salad dressing. On April 6, liberals engaged David Horowitz on his ideas at Butler University by throwing a pie at him.
Column by Ann Coulter on the various attacks on conservative speakers.

Courtesy Lars Larson:
Audio of KGW's (NBC-8) Andrea Cantu reporting on a Howard Dean speaking event.
Peaceful despite Republican presence audio

They just come here to work hard...

Illegal, 17, runs down hero cop
He was just directing traffic Thursday night about 10:30 p.m. – forcing two lanes of cars into one so Salem, Mass., utility workers could do their jobs on Tremont Street.
Without warning, a 1992 Honda Accord, driven by a juvenile illegal alien released by Border Patrol officers in Texas 10 days earlier, plowed into the 39-year-old Shea, leaving him with serious injuries.

The common practice of releasing these people after a brief detention is literally killing us.

The "patron saints" and their revisionist history

County rocks in backwash of court ruling
For seven weeks last spring, the most powerful women on the sixth floor of the Multnomah Building were the county's patron saints of same-sex marriage. Feted at tearful wedding ceremonies. Lauded as civil rights advocates. Defiant in the face of criticism and consequence.
Wow, you would think these were the greatest women on earth rather than a group of scofflaws.

Against the backdrop of national debate about same-sex marriage, Linn, Naito, Cruz and Rojo de Steffey held private negotiations to decide what they should do in Multnomah County, where several thousand same-sex households were counted in the 2000 census.
The Fishwrapper screams of "secret" detentions, "secret" searches, and "secret" surveillance under the patriot act but when four county commissioners and special interest groups conspire to subvert the law, leaving one country commissioner and the general public in the dark it is called a "private" meeting.

Six months after the county issued its final same-sex marriage license, Oregon voters approved Measure 36, which amended the constitution to legally recognize marriage only between a man and a woman. In Multnomah County, 60 percent of voters rejected the amendment.
The statistic for Multnomah County was given however the Fishwrapper leaves out the statewide number of 57% of all of Oregon said that marriage is the union between one man and one woman. Again, this is a statewide law and election that decides this. No one cares what Multnomah County thinks.

The Fishwrapper's Kimberly Wilson ( writes a disgustingly biased piece. I don't need phrases like "portraits of disappointment" in my news, just the facts. Like the 57% that was omitted.

Friday, April 15, 2005

The state will tell you when/what/how to drive

Road User Fee Pilot Program
ODOT will test the road user fee in a Pilot Program in Eugene beginning in November 2005 and lasting for one year. Because the Pilot is a test, many policy options remain for decision makers, such as charging a lower rate-per-mile for vehicles that achieve a certain fuel efficiency, for motorists that avoid rush hour zones, or for those participating in other environmentally-friendly situations.

Q & A:
Would a driver’s privacy be invaded by the mileage counting device placed in the vehicle?
No. In fact, the mileage fee can be designed to reward and encourage the use of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Why not simply raise the fuel tax on gasoline?
Oregon has been unable to garner support for raising the gas tax since 1991.

How much is the Road User Fee Pilot Program costing taxpayers?
The Federal Highway Administration is funding the bulk of the project with a targeted grant of $2.1 million over six years. Oregon’s share is $771,000.

Road User Fee Task Force
Contact info for the brain-trust behind this plan. Let them know what you think.

It's mobile for the criminals conveniance

(You may need to translate this page into English, right-click and select "translate")

Also: Carousel of Information
Official site with Mobile Consulate Schedule

These are the schedules for the Mexican Mobile Consulates that travel the state aiding and abetting criminals in stealing from our country, commiting ID fraud, illegaly obtaining government services and generally flaunting the law. I am putting this out because today two different callers to the Lars Larson show told stories of going to one of these events with video cameras to document the "undocumented" immigrants. Apparently since they were in no need of sham ID cards they were confronted and escorted on the premises. If anyone goes to these events and gets pictures/video footage please leave me a comment so I can give you my email adress and have you send me the photos/video. I would love to post it. I am not encouraging anyone to violate the law but (I am not a lawyer) I do not think that there is anything wrong with taking video in an area open to the general public.

Now hiring for... another needless state job

$2546 - $3529 MONTHLY

The Oregon Youth Authority values culturally competent staff to provide a continuum of services to our diverse clientele.

Major duties include, but are not limited to:
* Provides youth and staff with information, events and activities and information that will enhance their understanding, appreciation and celebration of Native American and other minority cultures.

* Provides direct services to Native American youth, and provides educational, cultural, inspirational events for residents and staff at the facilities.

* Maintains awareness of specific minority organizations in Oregon, networks with the respective communities by making speeches and presentations and keeps the community informed about the facility programs and services.

* Designs, prepares, and delivers cultural competency/diversity and gang intervention training for the OYA staff and community partners.

So for $42,348 (+40% benefits) a year the taxpayers get someone who will "provide information" and "awareness" to enhance juvenile criminals "understanding" of "minority cultures." That's money well spent. Definitely better than hiring another guard so we can lock a few more criminals up...

We rely on the "honor system" with criminals

Authorities free 1 million aliens amid proceedings
One million people facing immigration proceedings have been released into the general population, the government's chief of detention and removal told the Senate yesterday , prompting some Republicans to say the Bush administration is "not serious" about the problem...
...He said of those people, 465,000 are fugitive aliens who have been ordered deported. About 80,000 of those are criminal aliens who have committed an offense in addition to immigration violations, but he couldn't provide an exact number....
..."The aliens that are being released include murderers, rapists and child molesters," Mr. Cohn said.

"Not serious" about the problem? That's an understatement. Your family and my family are put at risk by having these dangerous criminals loose in the community. Our government is not taking it's number one job of public safety very seriously at all.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

{ - marriage - } { + generic union + }

Senate Bill 1000 (Civil Unions)

Establishes requirements and procedures for entering into civil union contract. Applies only to civil unions between persons of same sex. Provides that partners in civil unions have same privileges, immunities, rights, benefits and responsibilities under state law as are granted to or imposed on persons who are or were married.
Two things are established in this paragraph; this only applies to one group of people (homosexuals) and this is marriage with a different name.

This is how the state will define "sexual orientation"
'Sexual orientation' means an individual's actual or perceived heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality or gender identity, regardless of whether the individual's gender identity, appearance, expression or behavior differs from that traditionally associated with the individual's sex at birth.
To accomplish this purpose, the Legislative Assembly intends by this chapter to provide:
...A program of public education calculated to eliminate attitudes upon which practices of discrimination...
Oh good, they will teach about "perceived gender identity" in public schools.

SECTION 22. ORS 182.100 is amended to read: 182.100. (1) It is declared to be the policy of Oregon that this state shall be a leader in affirmative action. All appointive authorities for state boards, commissions and advisory bodies shall implement this policy of affirmative action in their appointments, subject to the legal requirements for each appointment. (2) The Director of Affirmative Action shall assist all persons who have appointing authority at the state level for boards, commissions or advisory bodies in carrying out the state policy stated in subsection (1) of this section and ORS 236.115. (3) As used in this section, 'affirmative action' means a method of eliminating the effects of past and present discrimination, intended or unintended, on the basis of race, religion, { - national origin, age, - } sex, { + sexual orientation, national origin, + } marital status { + , age or disability + } { - or physical or mental disabilities - } ,that are evident or indicated by analysis of present appointment patterns, practices and policies.
Judge people not by the content of their character...

(3) A governing body { - shall - } { + may + } not hold a meeting at any place where discrimination on the basis of race, { - creed, - } color, { + religion, creed, + } sex, { + sexual orientation, + } { - age, - } national origin { + , age + } or disability is practiced.
This will only apply to the Boy Scouts. "Governing bodies" will still be able to meet with the Hispanic Caucus.

(3) Competition for appropriate positions may be limited to facilitate employment of those with a substantial disability or who are economically disadvantaged, or for purposes of implementing a specified affirmative action program.
They hire/promote based on your skin color, disability status and your household income level. Nice.

How the state defines "civil unions"
'Civil union' means a civil contract that is solemnized in accordance with ORS 106.150 and that is entered into in person between two individuals of the same sex who are at least 17 years of age and who are otherwise capable.

SECTION 54. ORS 106.077 is amended to read: 106.077. (1) When the county clerk has received the written application for the marriage license { + or civil union license + } from both applicants, and all other legal requirements for issuance of the { - marriage - } license have been met, the county clerk shall issue { - a marriage - } { + the + } license { + . + }
This is a very telling paragraph; the { } brackets indicate a change; { + + } is something being added and { - - } is something being removed from the language. Notice how the word "marriage" is being systematically removed.

(d) The county clerk or official responsible for issuing the { - marriage - } license.
Again, { - marriage -}
(2) If an applicant for a { - marriage - } license is less than 18 years of age
(3) Each applicant for a { - marriage - } license shall file with the county clerk...
A mass exodus of the word "marriage" consummated with the belief on the part of the { - persons so married - } { + parties + }, or either of them,...
It's one big party.
SECTION 61. ORS 106.160 is amended to read: 106.160. The person solemnizing the marriage { + or civil union + } shall give to the parties to the marriage { + or civil union + } a { - marriage - } certificate in the form prescribed in ORS106.165 (1) and (2).
Hey look, they removed the word "marriage" again!

{ + This 2005 Act takes effect on the 91st day after the date on which the regular session of the Seventy-third Legislative Assembly adjourns sine die. + }
Not if we let our legislators know that we do not approve of the systematic removal of marriage to be replaced by something generic. We said NO to gay marriage and that's what this is, they are just calling it something different.

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