Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Ann Coulter column

Pies, Lies & Videotape
But there still remains the devilish issue of the accuracy of the reporter's account. Daily Star reporter Smith also wrote: "Coulter couldn't be reached for comment late Friday" (as a result of our not trying to reach Coulter for comment late Friday). Tip to aspiring reporters: If you want a comment ... try asking!

I'll even type out my comment for you, Kim: "In a prepared statement, Coulter darkly hinted that prosecutors who fail to bring the pie assailants to justice will be held accountable for their actions--a charge that was tantamount to Coulter's calling for a pie-throwing attack on the county attorney." Reporting like that could earn you a coveted position covering Tom DeLay for The New York Times!

The only crime to be caught on tape and still be dismissed by the prosecution!

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