Friday, April 29, 2005

The Pope is acting... Catholic!

New Pope Draws Line in Spain
In a sign that new Pope Benedict XVI is playing hardball with growing secularism in Europe, the Vatican has come out strong against a same-sex marriage bill in Spain.

Just one day after Spain's lower house of parliament approved the bill, which would also allow gay couples to adopt children, a senior Vatican cardinal went so far as to tell Spain's civil servants to refuse to marry same-sex couples – even if means losing their job.

The media will undoubtedly act as though the Pope has no right to say such a thing.

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Kaelri said...

That's because it's their job to find the negative in every story that comes across their desks, and, whenever conceivably possible, focus exclusively on the petty, fickle politics of the situation and eschew the issue altogether.

(I assure you, liberals are just as pissed with the media as you.)