Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The UN: Protecting communist regimes since 1945

U.N. Ejects Minister After His Address on China's Religious Persecution

(AgapePress) - An activist for China's persecuted Church says it appears the United Nations is more concerned with appeasing that country's communist government than with learning the truth about the persecution of Chinese Christians.
China Aid Association president Bob Fu was recently asked to appear before the U.N. Commission on Human Rights. The head of the Texas-based ministry spoke during an assembly on religious intolerance and introduced details of abuse by Chinese officials directed at members of unregistered house churches in China.
During his address, Fu displayed an electric-shock baton that had been smuggled out of China. He explained that Chinese police used such devices to torture and interrogate Christians. But when the Christian minister showed the device and described its inhumane use, the U.N. ambassador from China reportedly registered a complaint, claiming the baton made the delegate "feel threatened."
After his speech, Fu's U.N. badge and the baton were confiscated, and he was ordered to leave the U.N. complex.

Much like every criminal claiming to be "beaten" by the police, depots in the UN know that if they make a compalint then political correctness will be the focus rather than their behavior.

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