Friday, April 08, 2005

Teen clinics: So parents don't have to know

Kulongoski supports school-based clinics
The Governor's Recommended Budget for 2005-07 maintains core state funding ($2.7 million) for SBHCs and invests an additional $500,000 to expand SBHCs to five new counties...

What do these In-School Teen Clinics do?
2003 Report (.pdf) <-- this is the most recent Excerpts: "Today" 357 students are receiving a preventative health message including:
  • 151 students are receiving preventative health messages about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs;
  • 232 students are receiving a preventative health message about the importance of nutrition and/or physical activity

Wow. For a mere $2.7 million 357 kids learned that drugs are bad and exercise is good. Or some just learned one of those messages, I guess only 26 got both messages. But the point is that these clinics are the only place you could find that out.

Also 12 students "today" (I assume this means everyday) are diagnosed with depression! How many days does it take to do the whole school?

But their specialty: They pass out birth control! Apparently even to a child in elementary school. (This is appalling as an elementary school child having sex is called rape)

A total of 8,479 visits to the school clinics were for birth control including 895 visits by Middle School kids. (see page 13)

Stories: One SBHC is still dealing far too often with alcohol poisoning, with students being hospitalized in intensive care until continued breathing is certain. The clinic is anxious to provide educational events to help prevent this but there is no time in their shortened school days to add in any teaching that is not required by state law. (page 17)

What? These clinics are operated during school. How are kids getting alcohol poisoning during school? "No time for teaching anything not required by state law" huh. Are "transgender rights" required by state law?

I understand the good intentions behind this. I really do. But kids should not be getting medical treatment outside the supervision of their parents. Children do not get to have privacy from their parents. I don't want some "health worker" diagnosing my children with depression, administering medication, and then asking if they need some birth control.

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