Monday, April 04, 2005

Witty analysis by Mac Johnson

Success: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit
Anyway, last week I learned that racism makes white men rich and black women work hard. And Asian women must either work really hard or else they must be racists like white men, who are strange racists. Because if racism explains income rankings, then white men must like black women, who earn more than white women, who racist white men must hate more than anybody except Hispanic women, who are either lazy or victims. I'm not real sure which, since experts didn't say and I'm not a journalist. My, this is all so hard to understand! Well, let's just end with a safe conclusion: I'm a white male and it must be my fault if some people earn less…or more. So I'm very sorry. I think.

The Mac takes on the "income disparities" survey and the AP's "logical" conclusions.

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