Friday, April 08, 2005

If we don't give it to them they will steal it anyways...

Immigrant-tuition bill moves forward
The Senate Education Committee on Wednesday approved a bill that would extend in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants...
...The committee voted 3-1 to pass the bill to the budget committee. Sen. Charles Starr, a Hillsboro Republican, said earlier in the day that he would have voted against it years ago but now has different feelings.
"If we don't educate them, they'll continue to struggle in minimum-wage jobs and fail to make the contribution to the state and nation that they would if they had a college education," Starr said.

This disgusts me. What jobs do you want illegal aliens to have Senator? You are aware that our employment laws state that you can't work in this country unless you are a citizen/legal resident right? Less that one month ago you sat in a Town Hall meeting where multiple people, myself included, spoke out about the problems of illegal immigration. Not one person said anything good about rewarding these criminals. Apparently you don't care what your constituents want. Apparently we should find someone else to represent us in the state senate.

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