Thursday, April 14, 2005

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Minutemen Getting Reinforcements
Minutemen declare success! New, young recruits are joining the project!

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From their website:
Wednesday, April 13th. We're full! Response to the MinuteMan Project has been overwhelming! If you have sent us an email request to the MinuteMan Project about joining our efforts, we have probably not yet gotten to it. At this time, we are not accepting new MMP applications, as we have more than enough volunteers to enable us to monitor our designated border stations. You are invited to apply to volunteer to help Civil Homeland Defense - an organization founded 2 1/2 years ago in Tombstone, AZ for the purposes of monitoring the border against invasion. Without the infrastructure established by CHD, the MinuteMan Project would not have been possible.

The Minutemen Project has reduced the flow of illegal aliens, gotten great media attention for border/illegal alien issues, and build a grassroots network of concerned citizens who will continue to oppose the illegal flow of invaders to our country!

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