Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Immersion English is "racist"

Today the 4 girls from Dayton High School who wrote a response to my Letter to the Fishwrapper and called my positions "racist and discriminatory" went on the Lars Larson Show.
As usual, Lars asked all the right questions and, very respectfully, showed us that these people are idiots. As I predicted in a PREVIOUS POST their accusing letter was written during class time and at the encouragement of their ESL teacher. The children also explained that even though they are American citizens, they consider themselves to be Mexicans. One girl was unable to make the statement that "breaking the law to get money is wrong." She just wouldn't say it. Their teacher, Petra Mendoza, said that full immersion English was "racist" and they all insisted that "Caucasians need us" (meaning white people need Mexicans). Nothing gives me more hope for the future than children who see things in terms of skin color and have no problem with breaking the law! The teachers are obviously doing a wonderful job!

You did a great job with these people Lars! Keep asking the tough questions!

BTW, all the ODOE website links to "multicultural education" are down. Must be whitey's fault.

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