Sunday, April 10, 2005

So will they put in urinals?

Ladies Restrooms: Who is That Male-Bodied Woman In the Next Stall?
The New York Association of Gender Rights Advocacy has won a victory over restroom use by individuals who believe they are a member of the opposite sex...
...The security guard company is now implementing a policy that allows a person to use a restroom based on his or her “gender identity” instead of the actual sex of the person...

From NYC's Human Rights Law:

D. Public Accommodations Where Nudity is
Unavoidable (e.g., health clubs, dressing or
changing rooms, etc.)

Factors that suggest discriminatory conduct
has occurred will include not allowing
individuals to use a dressing or changing
room consistent with their gender identity
or gender expression.

Let me be clear on something, if a man, I don't care if he thinks he is a woman, tries to follow my wife or daughter into a locker room, bathroom, dressing room, etc I will not allow it. Ever. These people have a mental sickness and I will protect my family. You should all realize that this is where the "tolerance" and "gay rights" stuff is headed.

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