Monday, April 11, 2005

I'm sure he's a great guy... just not a good Governor

Many In Oregon Like Governor Kulongoski
A plurality of adults in the Beaver State is satisfied with Ted Kulongoski, according to a poll by Riley Research Associates. 46 percent of respondents have a favourable opinion of the job the governor is doing.

So what is so "favorable" about our Governor? His executive orders for this year consist of 3 pretty mundane items. (The "Affirmative Action" directive was especially pointless)

Now what would the state look like if he had issued these directives:
1. DMV will immediately begin verifying citizenship/legal residency before issuing a driver's license.

2. The state will honor our roots in natural resources and create jobs by logging in the biscuit fire area.

3. State agencies will immediately fire anyone whose position has the term "cultural" in it.

4. Unions can either negotiate a new deal for PERS or the state will pay out it's current obligations and PERS will cease to exist. The state will then move to a 401(k) retirement system.

5. A local governments will process Measure37 claims quickly to get development started, create jobs, and respect the will of the voters.

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