Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hey, felons are a democrat constituency too!

Required sentence law hard to alter
Twice this session lawmakers were set to hear two bills aimed at saving money by shaving time off mandatory Measure 11 prison sentences, proposals that would pit old foes armed with well-honed arguments in a familiar arena.

These bills are being pushed by groups such as the Western Prison Project
About them:
Our core constituencies are those most impacted by the criminal justice system: prisoners, survivors of violence and crimes, and families of both. Our strategy is to identify,recruit and build the capacity and skills of grassroots leaders and criminal justice reform groups, and then to unite these activists in collaborative projects to build a multi-racial movement for criminal justice reform in our region.
Good thing they are going to be "multi-racial" because I was really going to assume otherwise. I think everyone should have to specify that they are "multi-racial" just so there is no question about it. Well, I guess not the NAACP, or BET, or MeChA, or the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, or...

Thank goodness they provide contact info to wonderful groups such as these:
Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network
Support for anarchist and other political prisoners, newsletter
818 SW 3rd Ave., PMB 354 Portland, OR 97204

Portland Copwatch
Organizing for greater police accountability
P.O. Box 42456 Portland, OR 97242 (503) 236-3065

Did Portland Copwatch ever give anyone that "reward" for providing a current photograph of a police officer so that they could post it around the community and his life would be put in danger?

And of course the "Project" is funded by such groups as:
Open Society Institute (George Soros)

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