Monday, April 25, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Social Security Hostage Crisis: Day 24,570
In January 1937 the Federal Government began taking Social Security taxes from the paychecks of Americans. Americans have been whining and voting to get their money back ever since...

...For those that are truly sick of the Social Security debate, consider just one more question: why have we had this debate for a literal lifetime? Name one other aspect of your personal finances that you have so little control over or that you have to fight over like clockwork every few years. Do you have to monitor the government to make sure you will be allowed to keep your house next year? Must you petition a politician at every election to ask if you can have a car? No. But you would -- if the government were in charge of providing our housing and transportation as we have placed it in charge of providing our basic retirement. You own your house. You own your car. You beg for “your” Social Security...

Mac Johnson makes yet another compelling argument for private acounts.

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