Monday, April 18, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Ethnic Drag Queens: Red-Faced in Red Face
As you probably already know, Ward Churchill is a tenured poseur at the University of Colorado. A professor of ethnic grievance and Native American studies, Mr. Churchill claimed to be an American Indian, a combat veteran, an artist creating original Native American paintings, an author of scholarly writings on Indian grievances, and a militaristic self-appointed leader of "his" people.
In reality, Ward Churchill is a delusional white boy from Urbana, Ill., who never saw combat, created his "art" by scanning and colorizing other people's photographs and sketches, is accused of plagiarizing some of his scholarly writings, and has made a life's work out of denying, defaming and defrauding his actual people.

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More great insight from the Mac. Read it, know it, have a good chuckle...

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