Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Web: It makes Augusta National look inclusive

Diversity Mongers Target the Web
Bad move, guys. The "diversity" mongers have just brought up the one thing that they should have stayed far far away from: the web. Newsweek's technology columnist Steven Levy has declared that the lack of "diversity" among the web's most popular blogs requires corrective action. The goal? A blogosphere whose elite tier "reflects the actual population" — i.e., where female- and minority-written blogs are found among the top 100 blogs in the same proportion as females and minorities are found in the general population.

Great column. Obviously the internet is the ultimate medium. Today while listening to Rush I said to myself, "I already heard this on such-and-such blog, posted comments about it, replied to comments, found out it wasn't true, and moved on" (the whole, did John Kerry out a CIA operative thing) With blogging the news is instant and the fact checking is thorough because if you are wrong then readers will let you know with the appropriate links to the correct data. I still read the Fishwrapper everyday and no one covers Oregon issues like Lars Larson but if you aren't getting some of your news from the net then you are missing out.

Credit where credit is due: I saw a post to this column on LGF

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