Friday, April 22, 2005

What will they think of next?

A Catholic Pope?
Along with all those pick-and-choose American Catholics our pagan media is shocked -- shocked -- that the cardinals have picked a new Pope who is a real, honest to goodness Catholic!...

...How, they ask, could a brilliant cleric and author of scholarly books such as Pope Benedict XVI not understand that opposition to such icons of modern thought and practice as abortion and homosexuality and militant feminism and unrestrained sexuality is an outmoded code of conduct. Get with the times, he is advised.

The media is very alarmed that the new pope seems to have some religious values. He's described as a "hard-liner" and "divisive." I would use those words to describe someone who thinks a baby can be killed while it's partially delivered and calls that choice. But the media never does.

People who oppose gay marriage are "divisive" but those who push gay marriage are just arguing for "equality" in the media.

I'm a "racist" for wanting to enforce our immigration laws but groups like La Raza (translated = The Race) are advocacy groups or social clubs.

I could go on...

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