Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm illegal, where's my discount?

Taxpayers earn in-state tuition
At the hearing, a 20-year-old man from Portland was one of several witnesses who are not legally in the country. He wants to go to college and pay in-state tuition. If people in that category have no trouble giving their names and testifying at the Legislature, there is no risk or stigma attached to being in the country illegally...
...There is ample justification for considering them residents for the purpose of in-state tuition. Assuming their employers did the proper withholding even while they employed people illegally, they've been paying Oregon taxes for a number of years, the same as lots of other people who qualify for in-state tuition...

Now we are going to "assume" that companies who break the law "did the proper" thing and that individuals who break the law aren't claiming the max number of dependents so that no taxes get withheld. We are a naive bunch. Companies who employ illegals should be stiffly fined and the illegal aliens should be deported. That simple.
Nice of the Legislature to listen to criminals ask for more benefits. Next the drug addicts will be at the meth hearings to oppose the crackdown on precusor chemicals.

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