Friday, April 15, 2005

The state will tell you when/what/how to drive

Road User Fee Pilot Program
ODOT will test the road user fee in a Pilot Program in Eugene beginning in November 2005 and lasting for one year. Because the Pilot is a test, many policy options remain for decision makers, such as charging a lower rate-per-mile for vehicles that achieve a certain fuel efficiency, for motorists that avoid rush hour zones, or for those participating in other environmentally-friendly situations.

Q & A:
Would a driver’s privacy be invaded by the mileage counting device placed in the vehicle?
No. In fact, the mileage fee can be designed to reward and encourage the use of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Why not simply raise the fuel tax on gasoline?
Oregon has been unable to garner support for raising the gas tax since 1991.

How much is the Road User Fee Pilot Program costing taxpayers?
The Federal Highway Administration is funding the bulk of the project with a targeted grant of $2.1 million over six years. Oregon’s share is $771,000.

Road User Fee Task Force
Contact info for the brain-trust behind this plan. Let them know what you think.

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