Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Give the man a medal... or maybe just a cookie

Secretary of State touts Oregon's successes
As Bradbury told the club, the secretary of state's office has three responsibilities: Make sure tax money is being spent wisely, help people with their businesses and oversee the elections process.
Concerning tax money, Bradbury said his office has conducted performance audits on every state agency. "For every dollar spent on an audit, we found $8 in potential savings," he said.
For example, he said, an audit of the state university system found it could be doing a better jobs collecting debts. And the state hospital and state prison could cut down on costs with better staffing schedules and less overtime.
"Improved performance saves Oregonians money," he said. "That's money that's available for schools, it's money that's available for other under-funded state programs."
Wow, collecting debts and reducing overtime in the prisons, that sure was a top-to-bottom audit. No word on whether the Department of Corrections Diversity Manager (Elizabeth Sadhu-Farwell) or Diversity Assistant (Becky Hagen) will be reducing their hours. We definitely need them on full-time though. Imagine a prison without diversity!
As for "saving Oregonians money" I notice that the possessive apostrophe was not used to indicate that the money belonged to Oregonians. Freudian slip maybe. But hey, if you are "saving" it then I think it would stand to reason that Oregonians would get some of that back. I guess not though.


Molty Oldy said...

Bradbury is a wonderful man who has done much to improve efficiency.

Daniel said...

I don't criticize him as a person. I try not to do that. I'm sure he's a great guy. What I criticize is his ablilities as Secretary of State. I don't think he's doing a good job.
Could you give me some examples of what he has done to improve efficiency? And then tell me that there is no other efficiencies/cuts to be made.