Tuesday, April 19, 2005

What second amendment?

OFF ALERT 04/19/05


While a bill to allow active duty military personnel to renew their handgun licenses by mail languishes in committee, the Senate Democrats are moving anti-gun bills.

Yesterday we told you of the possible scheduling of Senate Bill 956, another "no protection in schools" bill.

The Legislative web site now confirms that this bill will, in fact , be heard on Thursday, April 21 in Senate Judiciary at 1PM.

We suggest if possible (on such short notice) that you come and voice your opposition. If the past is any indication, Ginny Burdick alerted the supporters of this bill of the hearing long before it was announced to the public, so you can bet they will be there.

The Committee meets in room 343 in the Capitol.

Contact your legislators and tell them to OPPOSE SB 956


Molty Oldy said...

Y'all knows I support gun right, however I don't think "allowing", not forcing school districts to prohibit concealed weapons is a good thing. None of the school shootings would have been any different with this rule, and were probably worse without it.

Daniel said...

If a teacher, school volunteer, or other employee had been armed maybe they could have prevented a school shooting.

activist kaza said...

Yeah, let's turn our schools into a shoot-out at the OK corral, Daniel! I'm sure that's what the Founding Fathers had it mind when they wrote that second amendment!

Daniel said...

The first rule to being in a gun fight... bring a gun! If the only person who is armed is the guy who wants to randomly shoot people it turns into a shoot out at the NOT-OK corral.