Monday, April 04, 2005

Pulitzer for story that The Oregonian wouldn't touch

Alternative weekly in Oregon celebrates Pulitzer won by staffer _ a former oil trader
Following up leads that larger papers had overlooked, Jaquiss documented a three-year-long sexual relationship between Neil Goldschmidt, then mayor of Portland, and a 14-year-old girl who baby sat for his children. After serving as mayor, Goldschmidt became governor and, during the Carter administration, U.S. transportation secretary.

Following up leads that other papers ignored!! Nice to see that the biggest Fishwrapper is the loser in this case.

In unrelated Fishwrapper news, they have two "letters to the editor" today that take issue with my stance on enforcing our immigration laws and encouraging immigrants to speak English by not printing DMV documents, employment forms, etc in Spanish. However both letter writers appear to have difficulty understanding English themselves as the Fishwrapper has a clearly written policy of 150 word maximum for letters and these are 195 and 185 words respectively. Nice to know that while some of us follow the rules, when it comes to illegal aliens and letters defending them, the Fishwrapper is always prepared to look the other way.
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