Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Want lower health insurance prices?

Oregon pharmaceutical bill debated
SALEM, Ore. — Democrats are criticizing a Republican-backed bill that would limit consumers' ability to sue pharmaceutical companies if drugs cause health problems.

How about: Republicans are criticizing Democrats for opposing a bill that would lower prescription drug prices and the cost of health care for everyone.

"The bottom line is that they stand with the big drug companies," said Kelly Steele, spokesman for the Oregon Democratic Party.

How about: "The bottom line is that they (Democrats) stand with the big unions," said Daniel, spokesman for himself. "How come oil, tobacco, bussiness, etc are all big but unions aren't?

"The bill relates to product-liability law, not negligence," said Amy Casterline, executive director of the Oregon Republican Party, where Mannix is the chairman.
The bill also has no effect on federal lawsuits.

Those small details are lost in this article which spends most of the time being a forum for Democrats to "raise the issue" of "connections" between "big" drug companies and Republicans.

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