Sunday, April 24, 2005

Arguing against their own argument.

ACLU caught red-handed?
The ACLU's support of a legal precedent used to gain recognition of a student homosexual group has reversed now that the ruling is being used to back the rights of a Christian club on campus, claims a public-interest law firm.

The ACLU now wants to strike down the Prince case if it will be used to allow a Bible club on campus, the ADF's Tim Chandler told WorldNetDaily.

"The ACLU is obviously engaged in religious bigotry – in cases concerning homosexual groups, they argue that Prince fully applies, but now, when it clearly applies, using the ACLU's own standard, to a religious club, they are seeking to overturn the Prince decision," he said.

ACLU of Oregon Annual Membership Meeting
Whose Morals? What Values?

May 21, 2005 at 1:00 pm in the
Smith Center at Portland State University

That is an interesting title chosen for this meeting. Obviously the ACLU recognizes that there can be no vacuum of morals and values, it is just a matter of which ones will prevail. Unfortunately this derails 90% of liberal arguments that are premised on the assertion that conservatives "want to push their values on others."

Member of the ACLU have values and morals, they are just different than mine. But the height of hypocrisy is that they would accuse me of "pushing" my values on others while pretending that they are not actively promoting their own set of values.

Don't let anyone tell you that you "can't legislate morality." A government that sanctions gay marriage is legislating morality, the ironic thing is that they don't call it that because homosexuality is traditionally associated with immorality. But they are still asserting a set of values. (that homosexuality is ok) When Measure 36 passed it was called "bigotry" by the ACLU. The ACLU are currently opposing Faith Based Initiatives in Oregon and I will call that religious "bigotry" on their part. This is because of our opposing values. I do not want our public policy to condone homosexual families and they don't want our public policy to approve of religion. We are both pushing values. The difference is that I will admit it.


Veritas said...

Yeah, except that since some guy kissing -- or marrying -- anotehr guy, has absolutely no effect whatsoever on YOU, pushing to allow for gay rights is in no way pushing their values on you. And that's completely ignoring all the rest of the ignorant assumptions inherent in your statements.

Daniel said...

Explain how posting the Ten Commandments has an affects you Veritas? Explain how an adult having sex with a child affects you. Explain how me pushing for gun rights has an affect on you.
Now to explain how gay marriage affects me: First I don't want my children to think that behavior is normal. I don't want my company to have to provide benefits to same-sex partners. I don't want society (all of us, even me) to have to bear the burden of children who end up being delinquents because they didn't have a proper mom and dad household.
But thanks for the comment!