Sunday, April 24, 2005

Just give them the change from your ashtray...

Oregon proposes local cell phone tax
Major cell phone lobbyists have launched a campaign opposing a proposed law for Oregon municipalities to collect a 5 percent cell phone tax.

Already, about 17 percent of a typical U.S. cell phone bill covers state taxes and federal fees--an increase of 3 percentage points more than in 2003.

"While this may amount to a windfall for Oregon cities, it is certainly a sizable tax increase for your constituents," Largent wrote to Oregon lawmakers on Friday. "Utility-type tax proposals like the one being considered in Oregon only serve to punish consumers who have opted to become wireless subscribers."

I always enjoy reading news stories about Oregon from media sites that don't focus on our state. (In this case CNET, a technology oriented site) They don't have the same "tax everything that moves" mentality that our largest Fishwrapper does and cover stories a little differently. (Sometimes seeming perplexed by the behavior of our local governments)

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