Saturday, March 31, 2007

No trabajo for you today Part 2

NOTE: As always, click pictures to enlarge.

So I arrived at Centro Cultural, home of the illegal alien day laborer, at about 6:40am this morning. Our protest wasn't scheduled to start until 7am so I was the first one there other than the tax-avoiding criminals.

Naturally I went over to them in an attempt to make friends.

I was greeted by Tracy (seen above) who says that she "volunteers" here "most days." She was expecting us and once again, my reputation proceeded me as she had read my blog. (It's good to have fans) She is the translater for the illegal alien day laborers.

The "nothing to hide" crowd is extremely camera shy, going so far as to run behind trees and walls to avoid having their picture taken. (I enjoy throwing around the Billy the Kid phrase "I'll make ya famous")

If you have read about our previous exploits you know that we succeeded in making them take down the day labor street sign but they do still have this on the Centro Cultural building. No English tranlation provided but I'm guessing that it says "laws? we don't care about no stinking laws."

As noted in a previous post we were extremely successful in keeping our labor laws from being broken today. (See form I-9) Several contracting trucks that slowed down decided that they would prefer to keep going rather than have their law-ignoring behavior documented. (ironic use of that word isn't it)

However some people simply don't care. Myself and Rick (who is an absolute champion) would explain that

1) statistically the majority of the "day laborers" are illegal aliens (plus they and their supporters admit this)

2) hiring them puts you are extreme risk liability wise if they get hurt on your property/job site

3) there is no pre-employment drug screen at a place like this

We were actually successful in sending one potential pick-up to a local Labor Ready to hire a worker instead.

As for the human filth that did take workers... here is their shame:
License plate.

Driver with illegal aliens in the back seat getting my name from an illegal alien advocate, err, I mean, unbiased photographer from The Oregonian. (if you ask him if he is an advocate he will scream at you and no he doesn't have a bussiness card why would you ask, but more on that later)
And here is the genuis taking my picture. It's a constant source of amusement to me to have my picture taken at these events. I always offer to have my picture taken with the photographer if they would like but they always decline.

The guy from MHG lawn service wasn't succesfful in picking someone up but only because he had peed his pants when he saw the camera come out. He actually ripped off the magnectic company sticker on his door. Again, that's MSG Lawn Service at 503-359-0613. Feel free to give them a polite call.

While the illegal alien suppoerts attempt to convince at potential pick-up that they are "doing nothing wrong" there are always two guys assigned to cover license plate numbers.

License plate.

Here we have the criminal alien advocate, err, unbiased reporter from The Oregonian, talking to the potential pick-up while Rick attempts to explain the dangers/illegality of hiring workers here. (The Oregonian photographer was the bigger advocate but purple jacket there is the reporter)

The ironic thing about the camera shy crowd in this case is that it gave me yet another company logo and phone number to post. (In the past I have had these companies beg for me to take their logos down from here but I don't feel sorry for people who support illegal aliens, give them a polite call) That's C & Sons Construction (specializing in siding and breaking the law) who can be reached at 503-984-2796.

Next post: The feeble attempt at a counter protest (if calling the USA "fascist" counts as a protest) and the border erected by the local Catholic church to keep us from using their parking lot... (note to self: look up definition of irony)


Concerned said...

As for the human filth that did take workers... here is their shame:

Human filth? Weren't you recently advocating Christ like behavior? I doubt he would call any group of people human filth unless he was speaking to humanity in general, and even then I doubt he'd be that harsh?

Anonymous said...

Minus the question mark at the end of your statement, I think that is a fair area for Daniel to address.

Daniel said...

Titus 3:1 Remind them to be in subjection to rulers and to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work,

1 Peter 2:13 Therefore subject yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord's sake: whether to the king, as supreme;

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Good idea fellas, let's refrain from saying anything bad about people who break our laws, encourage other people to break our laws and do it while flipping us off.

This may be a shocking revelation but I'm not Christ and have my imperfections.

I stand by my adjective.

Anonymous said...

A two-fer deal!

Illegal Aliens will help you clean up your back yard on Saturday and help themselves with cleaning out your home on Monday.

Hop can you go wrong?

Concerned said...

Yet you undermine a Christian principle by refusing repentance in regards to your imperfection.

BEAR said...

concerned, aiding and abetting illegal acts is the highest moral ground you lefties can find? How typical. Do you folks even read your own stuff?

Concerned said...

Ah, Bear, you assume so much without knowing my stance on illegal aliens nor my political alignment.

Also, I've been reading your comments on this site and often wonder myself if you read your own stuff.

BEAR said...

you'll say anything, except that illegal aliens should be be sent home, and not rewarded for breaking our laws. Filling our schools and prisons, evading our taxes (another crime), overtaxing our ER's, stealing identities and jobs.....gee whiz, concerned, when will the liberals stand up for their own country? Apparently, your dislike for America allows you to root for criminals.....sheesh.

concerned said...

A liberal and a supporter of illegal immigration are two things I am not. However, I am concerned when someone who touts my religion makes claims that are contradicting towards their supposed religion.

And Bear, are your claims how I am or how you want me to be? If it is the former, tear down your straw man please.

Concerned said...

...and by former, I mean latter. Forgive me for the mistake please.

Kaelri said...

"This may be a shocking revelation but I'm not Christ and have my imperfections.

"I stand by my adjective."

Then you also stand by your imperfections. And you use the Bible to justify those imperfections while ignoring those parts of it that define them as imperfections in the first place. You quote 1 Peter 2:13, which commands, just four verses later: "Honour all men. Love the brotherhood."

Human filth? Haec credam a deo pio? How can you reconcile that with "love your enemies, do good to them that hate you?"

I'm not Christian, myself, so whatever personal moral code you're following is none of my business. But it's a very different story when you try to translate your internal hypocrisy into political action.

Anonymous said...


You wanna do that real soon!

Anonymous said...

Those employers that utilize illegal workers should be either reported to the authorities. These people make me sick. They profit off of cheap labor and pass the social costs onto us taxpayers. I never use government services, and if I did it would piss me off to no end to have to stand in line behind some illegal.

What part of ILLEGAL do our politicians not understand? Well, I think McCain is paying the price now for ignoring the voters on this issue. He is a pathetic mess and deserves what he is getting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Daniel; thanks all for making my first Day-illegal Labor protest a satisfying experience. Speaking with the Oregonian reporter, I brought up the fact that if our government were enforcing our laws, there’d be no reason for us to spend our Saturday doing it for them. And if we don't stand up, who will?

I'm told the Cornelius police chief couldn’t care less about this nation’s immigration laws. If so, he’s apparently leaving that to concerned, if feed-up citizens like us to point them out? If the representative Illegal’s at this event were to do the same in their respective countries, they’d eventually achieve the same rights our citizens did a century ago. But it’s apparently more appealing to take advantage of our system than to correct their own.

If anything confirmed my legitimacy on that sidewalk, holding a sign representing my membership in Oregonians For Immigration Reform, it was witnessing the sincere appreciation of our act in the eyes of the vast majority of passerby reactions. Two of us were new to this protest, and I'd recommend it to all. Ignoring this problem for decades, while waiting for our laws to be enforced hasn't worked. It’s only compounded.

So thanks again to those making the (legal) effort to be there, you made my day!

Daniel said...

It was great to have you there! We made a difference.

BEAR said...

concerned, every time you anti-American lefties refuse to condemn illegal behavior, support terrorism, and fail to support America (and our troops), you make my point. THANKS for helping, amigo mio!

concerned said...

"concerned, every time you anti-American lefties refuse to condemn illegal behavior, support terrorism, and fail to support America (and our troops), you make my point. THANKS for helping, amigo mio!"

Bear, every time you post such nonsense, you decicrate the very political alignment you and I subscribe to. Do our side a favor. Don't succumb to steryotypes about our party, specifically that of assuming too much. And while you're at it, don't make facist statements. Doing these things makes the illegal immigration problem worse.

And Kaelri, did you know "Haec credam a deo pio?" because you know latin or because you watch the West Wing? Either way, I'm impressed, whether it is at your knowledge of latin or at your good taste in television.

Kaelri said...

Heh. I admit, it was The West Wing - one of my strongest early influences, politically, and thus part of the reason I ended up here.

For those who don't know the show, that line is part of a larger one: Haec credam a deo pio? A deo iusto? A deo scito? "Are these the words of a righteous God? A just God? A wise God?" Which the words human filth surely are not.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Our politicians are in league with Mexico and the invasion without a shot should be fought on some level. Looks like only us grassroots people will take up the fight.

Anonymous said...

Here we have the criminal alien advocate, err, unbiased reporter from The Oregonian, talking to the potential pick-up while Rick attempts to explain ...

Maybe Rick should have shut his fucking mouth until the unbiased reporter from the Oregonian asked him to "explain" something.