Thursday, March 01, 2007


Feds net $45 million in drugs during sting on Mexican cartel; Oregon among states where drugs distributed
Dozens of people accused of working for one of Mexico’s largest drug cartels were arrested today in a multistate bust that netted more than $45 million worth of cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine, federal officials said.

At least some of the drugs were carried over the U.S.-Mexico border on a bridge made from sandbags partially submerged in the Colorado River outside of Yuma, Ariz., authorities said. All of the narcotics were sneaked into the country on the porous Southwest border exploited by cartel kingpin Victor Emilio Cazares-Gastellum.

What was seized
27,229 pounds of marijuana.
9,512 pounds of cocaine.
705 pounds of methamphetamine.
227 pounds of pure methamphetamine, also known as “ice.”
11 pounds of heroin.
$6.1 million in property and assets.
An estimated 100 weapons and 94 vehicles.

Wait... the border is "porous"?

What is the cost to our communities (human cost, taxpayer cost ect) of allowing our border to be violated and giving cover to traffikers by allowing millions upon millions of illegal aliens into this country?

Thanks Teddy (both Kennedy and Kulongoski) and thank you Bush.


Amy the Razor said...

Drug dealers no matter where they are from should be shot right along with child molesters.

bjdorr said...

Wait! I thought illegal aliens came to America for a "better life." I guess not.

Amy, the last time two border patrols shot a "illegal alien" drug runner or drug dealer in the ass, the agents landed up in jail (with one agent severely beaten).

Oh yeah, that drug dealer that was shot by the agents, came back to the United States the second time afterwards with 745 pounds of more marijuanna.

It'll be frightening to see what the Amercian justice system will do if we kick an illegal alien drug smuggler's ass. We'd be hung up to dry!

Anonymous said...

Yes but, don't forget all the gas tax and other service fees these people paid into the govment.

Robin said...


You mean that sleepy Ted making tylenol a perscription drug did not help?

Bobkatt said...

An illegal alien from Mexico was sentenced in Maryland to a 10-year term for impregnating the 12-year-old daughter of a family with whom he was living, with 8 1/2 years suspended by the judge.
"Assistant Public Defender William Davis, attorney for Vasquez-Fuentes, suggested "a cultural difference" may have kept his client from realizing his actions were wrong."
Yeah, cultural diversity is joyous thing.

BEAR said...

just e-mailed Sen. John (juan valdez) McCain, 'splainin' the difference between him and an actual American, and this big bust happens right in his backyard. I wonder if his campaign is getting any "creative" financing? Just askin'.

Daniel said...

The best message we can give to McCain is to bash him at every opportunity and laugh loudly when people mention that he is a Republican candidate for President.

Tim said...

McCain is a Republican? Couldn't tell.
Or how about Mr."Give'em Amnesty" Giuliani who wants to "Regularize" illegal aliens, allow killing of babies, and take away your second amendment rights having the gaul to call himself a Reagan Republican. LOL

Slim Pickens said...

"Shoot! A feller could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Bobkatt said...

Did any of you notice what I did about this article.

Amy the Razor said...


Amen brother!

Anonymous said...

anyone who reads anything by Anne Coulter is used to believing anything they read. they dont realize that by contributing to the childish nature of congress minorities (the republicans in this case, the democrats in other cases as well), they make themselves vulnerable to the 'choosing sides' evil that plagues our polls currently.
keep in mind that you or your relatives were once illegal aliens. im not saying amnesty is the answer--i actually believe quite the opposite, but what im trying to state is that clearly american citizens believe they 'deserve' certain rights and that certain 'priveledges' are owed to them.
only until the day we fight for our freedom on our homeland can we know proper justice and liberty.
going overseas to attack people with different social values than we have is indicative of the fear most cultureless americans have over things different from them.
the drug war is a joke, if you haven't seen that yet--you aren't well enough qualified to make a decision or leave an opinion worth noting or even paying attention too. open your eyes, the CIA has been taken to court and charged with importing cocaine. the same cocaine that our beloved citizens are addicted to--no matter there color.
having someone to blame (mexicans, middle easterners, jews) is the exact method of control used by Hitler and Stalin to purge their respective homelands via genocide, and to also rid them of guilt--of allowing it to be known that their political greed is what drives countries to poverty, desperation, then finally--war.
love and compassion are the only things we have to build from. all else ends in tragedy.
you may think me daft or weak, but one look at my physical stature and one brief insight to my upbringing and childhood would negate that fully.
thank you for your time.