Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Keep your values off my children

Working Definition of Cultural Competency
Cultural competence is based on a commitment to social justice and equity.

...cultural competence requires that individuals and organizations:

a) Have a defined set of values and principles
b) Demonstrate the capacity to 1) value diversity

This is from the ODE website. The definition of "cultural competency" varies at government site and agency. What is very clear is that when the libs suggest that "values" shouldn't be taught in school they are liars. Big fat liars. They may even be faggots like that John Edwards fellow.

There is no such thing as "values neutral." You can either teach the value of patriotism or the value of pluralism. You can teach that America's culture is superior or that multiculturalism (the stoning of rape victims for example) is the way to go.

You can teach that homosexuality is a deviant practice or that it is perfectly acceptable. You can teach that drug use is wrong or just suggest that kids use clean needles.

I have a defined set of values but most of them are not welcome in the government schools. I guess it's up to Susan Castillo to define what values are appropriate for my kids.

NOTE: I am a big fan of "social justice" as long as we are talking about justice that involves (I was literally in the middle of this sentence when my wife just made a crack about giving my guns "to the poor because the poor can't afford them" so now my sentence will be changed) taking funds that would otherwise be dedicated to public art and instead buying guns "for the poor." Yeah, that works.


Anonymous said...

Islamic law also has its values and they are much different than Susan Castillo's.

Do you suppose she will include their values in her Diversity embracing?

Wouldn't she look bitch'en in a Burka?

BEAR said...

To the schools, Christianity is not a set of values, but a direct threat to the socialist "values" dictated by the schools.